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The population of Villa Mainero and its immediate areas belonged initially to a man named Inocencio Mateo de la Parra, property that was granted to him in Mexico City by the public prosecutor of Real de Hacienda, Don Ramón de Posada before the scribe Don Miguel of Ochoa, the March 2 day of 1785.

Mr. de la Parra inherited this property from his daughter, Margarita De la Parra; This in turn granted legitimate power to her husband, Mr. Manuel Gargollo, to sell. Thus, Messrs. Francisco González, Prudencio González, José María González, Antonio Doria, Juan de Alanís, Luis González and Francisco Benítez Herrera, already established in the town, bought the property.

This purchase-sale operation was carried out in the year of 1841, as it is recorded in the documents of Hacienda de Pura y Limpia.

Later, the current Villa Mainero was called Potreritos Congregation, a denomination that was apparently granted because there were many paddocks, perhaps after the 1910 Revolution; the congregation belonged to Villagrán. The 3 of Julio of 1924, being Governor of the Candelario Garza State, was granted the category of Villa with the name Mainero, in memory of the Licentiate, Tamaulipan politician Guadalupe Mainero, Governor of Tamaulipas from 1896 to 1901. With this, the territory that originally belonged to Villagrán is segregated from it.

Chronology of historical events

  • 1924 The 3 of July, is given the name of Villa Mainero and is given the character of a municipality.

Illustrious people

  • Perfect B. Taméz. ( 1840-1914)
  • Emilio B. Taméz. Educator, Poet
  • Ramón González Cepeda Politician and Diplomat

Historical monuments

Monuments to Benito Juárez, located in the main square; monument to the rural teacher, located on one side of the square.

Architectural monuments

Cathedral of the Virgin of Guadalupe.


On the eve of the month of May, children and teachers go out to the main streets with a lit lantern, shouting at mothers alive.


Kid and Tamales


Capirotada, fritters, candy cane, piloncillo combined with peanut or walnut.


Raw or cooked cane mead.


The municipality is located in the Sierra Madre Oriental, with an extension of 462.07 square kilometers, which represents the 0.65 percent of the total of the entity. It borders to the North and the West with the State of Nuevo Leon and to the South and to the West with the municipality of Villagrán.

It is integrated by 67 localities, of which the most important are: Villa Mainero (Municipal Head), Las Puentes, Guadalupe Mainero, Magueyes, Emiliano Zapata and José María Pino Suárez. The Municipal Headquarters is located at an altitude of 450 meters above sea level.


Its main current is the Pilón River, which crosses the territory of the municipality from east to west, and is born in the Sierra Madre Oriental. Another stream is the Purification River, heading southeast. To the south of the territory there are some runoffs, which give rise to the Santa Lucía River.


The predominant climate of the municipality is subhumid, semi-warm and extreme, with temperatures ranging between 0ºC and 42ºC. Rainfall is 700 mm as an annual average.


It has two features of relief because it is located on the Barvolent hillside of the Sierra Madre. The west of the municipality is abrupt, locating its settlements in the inclined plane with southeast direction, reaching elevations in the uneven part of 2000 meters above sea level. Within its elevations Cerro Peña, del Convento and Barrones Colorado are located.

Classification and land use

The soil units in the inclined plane are chestnut-colored, with some aptitude for agriculture. With regard to land tenure, most are occupied by small landowners.

Flora and fauna

The vegetation types of the municipality are presented in three groups. In the highest part are Deciduous Forests and Scleroaciculifolio; in the middle portion, scrub subinerme and in the lower part, tall and thorny scrub.

Within the fauna, the main species are: white-tailed deer, wild boar, badger, squirrel, rabbit, dove, ganzos, white-winged pigeon and rattlesnake.

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