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Town founded by José de Escandón, Count of Sierra Gorda, the 1st. January 1749, bearing Güémez's name in deference to Viceroy Juan Francisco de Güemez Horcasitas Aguayo, First Count of Revillagigedo. It remained under the invocation of San Francisco; its first captain was Juan Elías Moctezuma, who was the civil and military authority. His mission was that of San Antonio de los Llanos. A flood suffered by the Villa, motivated its 300 inhabitants to move to the current site.

In 1757, the houses of the population were simple jacales composed of horcones and muddy reeds, covered with grass, posts without order ... There is no designated plaza, although they had quarries and lime for construction. The seventy-nine families of the Villa were administered by a religious of the Apostolic College of Guadalupe de Zacatecas. In 1770, the inhabitants of the Villa had declined since they were only 60 families and their mission of San Toribio de Liébano did not have indigenous people congregated. In 1843, the villa had 944 inhabitants.

Chronology of historical events

  • 1749 The 1o. of January, foundation of Güémez.

Illustrious people

  • Juan José de la Garza, military lawyer and Governor of Tamaulipas (1868-1869)
  • Dionisio García, military (1841-)
  • Ascención Gómez Mancilla, military, was Governor of the State from 1866 to 1867. He also served as President of the Supreme Court of the State.
  • Florentino Parrasrevolutionary (1825-1891).
  • Manuel Parreño Porras, founding teacher of ejidos, founder of schools, promoter of the emancipation of Valle Hermoso. (1910-1976)

Architectural monuments

Church of San Francisco de Asís, from the 18th century; Hacienda de San Jacinto, 19th century and Hacienda del Carmen.

Historical monuments

Monuments with the busts of Emiliano Zapata, Francisco I. Madero and Venustiano Carranza, located in Ejido el Roble; monument to the mother, located in the Ejido Plan de Ayala; monument of the General Ascención Gómez, located in the school of the same name in the municipal seat; monument to the peasant youth, located in the San José de las Flores ejido.

Popular parties

In the month of January the foundation of the Villa is commemorated; During the festivities there are tournaments, dances and fairs. The 12 of December in the ejido La San Juana, in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

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