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Ing. Gilberto Estrella Hernández

By profession, a civil engineer, he graduated from the Technological and Higher Studies Institute of Monterrey, Nuevo León.

He served as General Director of the Communications and Transportation Secretariat (SCT) in Tamaulipas, becoming directly responsible for channeling and carrying out the works of the Federation's Expenditures Program in Road Infrastructure for the State of Tamaulipas, pursuing an unprecedented investment in the history of the entity.

He was Secretary of the Treasury of the Tamaulipas Delegation State Steering Committee of the Mexican Chamber of Construction Industry (CMIC) Tamaulipas in the February period from 2006 to February of 2008; State Vice President of the CMIC Tamaulipas Delegation in the Water and Environment sector, in the period February 2009 to August of 2011. He also served as the State Vice President of the CMIC Delegación Tamaulipas, Industry and Tourism sector in the 2011 period.

State Vice President of the CMIC Delegación Tamaulipas sector Small and Medium Enterprises (MIPYMES) in the 2016-2018 period.
He was also secretary of the CMIC in the Reynosa Delegation in the 1998-1999 period, among other positions.

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