Reproductive health

Breast cancer

Its mission is to strengthen the most effective and efficient policies, strategies and activities in the development of health promotion actions, early detection, timely diagnosis, adequate treatment and evaluation in order to reduce mortality from breast cancer.

Cervical Uterine Cancer

Its objective is to reduce the rate of morbidity and mortality due to Cervical Cancer, through the provision of optimal services in the promotion, prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment and control of suffering, as well as the responsible participation of the population in the health care.

Family planning

Its objective is to contribute to the reduction of unplanned and unwanted pregnancies, through the systematic offer of modern contraceptive methods and the provision of quality services to the entire population in rural, urban and suburban areas with particular emphasis on adolescents of all the municipalities

Maternal and Perinatal Health

Its objective is to provide quality health information and services to guarantee a healthy pregnancy, a safe delivery and an uncomplicated puerperium to all Mexican women, as well as equal opportunities for growth and development for all children, from before his birth until the 28 days of life.

Family, Sexual and Women's Violence

It aims to reduce the prevalence and severity of health damage caused by violence against women, with particular emphasis among those who are at risk or vulnerable.

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