Family planning

Mexico was one of the first countries to develop a program of National Coverage of Reproductive Health and Family Planning that incorporated the guidelines of the Program of Action of the Third International Conference on Population and Development, held in Cairo, Egypt, in September of 1994, what constituted one of the first actions of the reform of the Health Sector.


Guarantee that men and women receive clear, truthful and timely information about their sexual and reproductive rights, and that the services provided are of quality.


Men and women exercising their sexual rights equally and without risks; and this conduct allows the Country and the State of Tamaulipas to have a harmonious growth of the population.

Contribute to the reduction of unplanned and unwanted pregnancies, through the systematic offer of modern contraceptive methods and the provision of quality services to the entire population in rural, urban and suburban areas with particular emphasis on adolescents from all municipalities of the 8 Sanitary Jurisdictions of the State of Tamaulipas.


Specific activities

  • Preventive
  • Healing
  • Specific individualized contraceptive protection.


  • Health promotion:
    This activity is carried out in all the Health Units of the 8 Sanitary Jurisdictions through the health committees, volunteer promoters, health auxiliaries, etc.
  • Education for Sexual and Reproductive Health:
    It is provided throughout the Health Units by the provider of family planning services providing guidance - counseling about the wide range of temporary and definitive contraceptive methods granted by the Ministry of Health. Proposals to groups of men and women alluding to planning methods family, reproductive and post-reproductive sexual rights satisfactory, healthy and without risk.
  • Medical Care of Obstetric Events:
    It is carried out in all the General, Civil, First Level Units and Traditional Midwives, the attention of obstetric events, eutocic, dystocic, cesarean, obstetric delivery. Providing specialized and quality care by applying the contraceptive method according to the needs of each patient prior counseling - counseling and supported by the free decision of the user. Respond to all men with satisfied parity who request the vasectomy surgical procedure without scalpel, as a contraceptive method.
    Consultations to all women of post-reproductive age.
All (as) men and women of reproductive and post-reproductive age who request the Family Planning service, Climacteric and Menopause.
All Health Units located in the 43 municipalities of the State of Tamaulipas.
  • New Users.
  • Active users.
  • First Time Consultation
  • Consult Subsequents.
  • Talk to Groups.
  • Attention Obstetric Pose.
  • Tubular Bilateral Interval Occlusion.
  • Vasectomy without scalpel.
  • Climacteric and Menopause Consultations.

Temporary methods:

  • Contraceptive methods.
  • barrier methods.
  • natural methods

Definitive methods:

  • Vasectomy without scalpel in the male.
  • Salpingoclasias in women.

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