Code of conduct


It is based on the following values:

Probity: As a straight line observance of our behavior.

Fortress: That will sustain us with the vigor, firmness and resistance that our work requires.

Generosity: That will lead to proceed with detachment and greatness of the soul.

Humanity: That will move us to be friendly with our colleagues and those we serve.

Prudence: To proceed with sanity and seriousness in the exercise of our work and in our labor relations.

Sobriety: As a rule of moderation of our actions, as well as simplicity in our behavior.

Complementarily this Code of Conduct, being Synchronic with our Code of Ethics, leaves in Claro that the Staff of this Secretary, regardless of their Labor Location:

He will perform his duties with integrity, making the most of his time and the resources at his disposal.

He will collaborate in his professional development to improve his performance.

Apply current scientific, technical and humanistic knowledge.

It will defend the protection of life, health, economy, interests and dignity of the person.

It will pre-empt and take care of the interests of the Institution, staying loyal to the principles and norms that govern the daily tasks of the dependency.

Will ensure the preservation of the good name and prestige of the institution.

It will assist users and beneficiaries of the programs in a professional, friendly, personalized and respectful manner.

It will provide clear, timely and truthful information to whom it corresponds and will deliver it with moderation and prudence.

Will observe respect for peers, both superiors, peers or subordinates, showing solidarity and cooperation.

It will use the resources designated for the performance of its functions with efficiency, honesty and impartiality.

It will collaborate honestly with the internal or external audit processes, as well as those corresponding to internal supervision, assessment or assessment.

It will refrain from using for dissemination purposes the information generated in the area where it provides its services, unless it has the corresponding authorization.

It will collaborate in the observance of measures aimed at preserving the environment.

He will ensure that his work is carried out with a comprehensive and team vision.

Provide the service regardless of sex, age, race, religion, ideology or socioeconomic status.

Approved in the First Governing Board of the Health Services OPD of Tamaulipas by agreement number 09.04.2015 dated 24 of April of the 2015.

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