About us

The Secretariat of Urban Development and Environment is a dependency of the state public administration, whose main attributions are to formulate and conduct the general policy of human settlements, environment, natural resources and sustainable development; elaborate, update and execute the instruments of territorial planning and urban development and participate in coordination with the Municipalities in the elaboration of their respective Municipal Plans, as well as implement the necessary actions in the area of ​​their competence, when there is danger of serious damage and irreversible to the environment or environmental emergency where there is a continuous and serious affectation to it, and that affects the natural resources or biodiversity of the state territory, even in the case of activities or works of competence of other authorities in case they represent an imminent risk to public health.


  • Contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the inhabitants in the cities through better instruments of urban and regional planning, updating and modernizing the instruments for the administration of the urban development and the coordination and concurrence with the Town Councils; promoting good public spaces and the urban image with the coordinated work of social organizations and reinforcing Tamaulipas identity with the preservation of historical, cultural and architectural heritage.
  • Establish conditions that guarantee the management and sustainable use of natural resources, the conservation of protected natural areas, as well as the responsible and efficient use of the water resource.

We are the Secretary of Government of the State of Tamaulipas in charge of protecting the environment and the sustainable use of natural resources, the preservation of historical heritage, promoting urban development and mobility, through the development and implementation of public policies with personnel highly trained with the objective of promoting integral development for the social welfare and security of Tamaulipas communities.

To be a referral unit at the national level due to the implementation of state-of-the-art public policies that promote the development of sustainable cities to achieve the sustainable economic development of Tamaulipas, with the inclusion of social participation.

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