"Actions in the Tamaulipeco Field" Program Topic: Livestock Sector in Tamaulipas

Biol. María Guadalupe Vega Barrón and LCA José Luis Rosales Fuentes.

Lic. Romeo Flores Leal, Assistant Secretary for Livestock and Forestry Development at the Rural Development Secretariat, began the interview by commenting on how the undersecretary's office is structured, highlighting his dedication in supporting the livestock and forestry producers of Tamaulipas. He highlighted the importance of the Fierros Registration Office and the benefits granted to producers, as well as the synergy that exists with the Regional Livestock Union of Tamaulipas, the Committee for the Promotion of Livestock Protection of the State and the Secretariat of Rural Development .

He continued the interview commenting on the Programs and Projects that operate, mentioning the programs in Concurrence with the Federative Entities through the Infrastructure, equipment and machinery component, as well as livestock technology packages, the programs with 100% state resources, such as the TAM Genetic Improvement and the Apicultural State Project. He stressed the importance of the Genetic Improvement Program, in what it consists and what is its operative mechanics.

On the other hand, he commented on the Equine Improvement Program, highlighting the participation of Tamaulipas as a guest State at the San Marcos Fair, in terms of Forestry Development programs, mentioned the importance of the Forest Conservation and Restoration program.

He ended the interview mentioning the importance of taking care of livestock health to continue being an example at the national level.

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