Our Programs

The Tamaulipeco Institute of Scholarships, Stimuli and Educational Credits, promotes education as a state priority through the following programs:

  • Educative credit
  • Scholarships Maintenance + Transportation support

It is a personal loan that the Government of the State of Tamaulipas grants to young people with desires and capacity for study, who do not have enough economic resources to carry out their studies at the upper and upper levels.

The credit does not cover the total of the educational expenses. It constitutes an economic support, to complement the payment of tuition, books, inscriptions, attendance, transportation and other expenses related to the studies.

The loan is contracted for each school term either semester or semester, as appropriate and begins to pay 6 months after having completed the studies agreed in the contract.

Once the educational loan is authorized, a contract is signed and I will pay for the accredited and guarantor, where the amount of the financing, the interest rate and the term to be paid are established.

The student is expected to correspond to the trust:

  1. With academic results.
  2. Covering the debit.

Allowing that with your payment, other students also benefit with a credit.

Maintenance: The National Scholarship Program in its MANUTENTION modality is integrated with contributions from the Federal Government and the Government of the State of Tamaulipas. It has the objective of contributing to ensure greater coverage, inclusion and educational equity for the construction of a more just society, through the granting of scholarships in Public Institutions of Higher Education (IPES) to consolidate a Mexico with quality education.

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