Tula celebrates its traditions and cultural heritage

• Thousands of inhabitants and visitors enjoyed the festivities of San Antonio de Padua.

Ciudad Victoria, Tam.- The magical town of Tula, located in the area of ​​the Tamaulipas highlands, is characterized by conserving and promoting its customs, traditions and values. Proof of this were the celebrations of the patron saint of the city, San Antonio de Padua, where thousands of devotees and members of 40 dance paintings highlighted the importance of this special date.

Tula is the municipality with the most history of Tamaulipas, 402 has had 22 since July of 1617, and this action was carried out by the Franciscan friar Juan Bautista de Mollinedo, who arrived in the region under the mission of San Antonio.

The activities to celebrate the patron saint of Tula began with the celebration of a solemn Mass in the atrium of the church, where before thousands of parishioners the Bishop of the Diocese of Ciudad Victoria, Antonio González Sánchez, shared a message of union and values in family.

A feature that distinguishes this date is the presence of music and dance. Throughout the day there are typical regional dances, which are related to the Spanish and the theme of conquest, and which are appreciated by tourists who come to this magical town during the celebrations.

The standing dances are characterized by the participation in front of one or two girls dressed in white, representing the Malinche, dancing also a young man who carries a rattle and a club, which is called Monarca, being his function to direct the evolution of the steps.

The dancers wear a crown made from a root rod, resembling the main dome of the church, decorated with flowers and with 4 mirrors that represent the cardinal points, they also use ribbons of multiple colors. His clothing is made of satin and huaraches with straps, made in this city. They bring rattles, mallets and rattles with those who accompany any of the 138 sones that exist, says Salvador Piña Miranda, assistant chronicler of the municipality of Tula, Tamaulipas.

Another of the modalities are the horse dances, where the frame is reed or otate, lined with jute sack, mirrors, items used by the peasants, the comb to comb the steed, rattles, handkerchiefs and flowers. This dance is completed with the representation of a bull and a mule.

This type of dances are characteristics of Tula, participating whole families and beginning the children with this tradition from an early age, due to its importance for the community, they also dance the 3 of May, day of the Holy Cross, and the 12 of December , in the celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

At night, people attend the popular festival that is installed in the main square of the municipality, where they enjoy different typical dishes, as well as acquire crafts and local products, also appreciating shows like the burning of fireworks, which mark the end of the festivities.

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