Leaves Tamaulipas footprint in the shallows after participation in the San Marcos Fair

• The state captivated visitors, with their tourist attractions, flavor, culture, livestock and local products, from their stands at the fair.

Aguascalientes, Ags.- The state of Tamaulipas concluded successfully with an outstanding participation in the National Fair of San Marcos 2019, held from 20 from April to 12 in May at the hydrocalcide fairground, sharing with visitors its exquisite flavors and a Wide variety of tourist destinations to enjoy.

During the development of the most important fair in the country and the largest convocation at the continent level, thanks to the support of the host government, Tamaulipas had different spaces and activities for the proper promotion of the destination, under the responsibility of the Secretariats of Tourism, Rural Development, Economic Development, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Energy Commission, the Tamaulipas Institute for Culture and the Arts and the Game and Fishing Commission.

In the Tourist Pavilion of the San Marcos Fair, the municipalities of Reynosa, Altamira, Nuevo Laredo, Llera de Canales and Ciudad Victoria, delighted the carnies with typical regional dishes such as tamales and venison sauce, shrimp toast, bridal dish , flour flutes and tasting of local products such as cheeses.

In this space, located in a strategic area of ​​the fair, the different destinations and tourist products that the state of Tamaulipas has been promoted were also promoted. The visitors were amazed to see the great amount of natural beauties that the territory of Tamaulipas has and that they will be able to enjoy during their next vacations, they could also appreciate the dedication in the work of the artisans and the seasoning of our local producers.

As an example of the great natural and cultural wealth of Tamaulipas, in the traditional spring parade, which on this occasion took the name "From the Sea to the Adentro", representatives from Tamaulipas, through dance and music, told the story importance of both states, in addition to spreading ecological issues and social awareness.

In the period that covered the National Fair of San Marcos, different Tamaulipas musical groups delighted the visitors with their talent and folklore. The Jilgueros of Altamira, Blanca Pulido, Rockpango, Jarana for the World, Santa Cecilia Trio, Efrén Sánchez, Julissa Valles, Jessica Lustenberger and Héctor Gamaliel stood out in their presentations, captivating for their professionalism and love of the terroir.

The representation of the state included spaces such as the livestock pavilion, where more than a hundred exhibitors participated in the exhibition. In the commercial zone, Soy "Tam" products had a wide area for commercialization. Fishing, hunting and energy, informed in their stands of the different kinds of activities that exist for sports entertainment and the new generation of sustainable energies that already distinguish the state.

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