Directorate of Inspection and Social Welfare

Headline: Lic. Alejandro Castrejón Calderón, Director

Address: Blvd. Emilio Portes Gil #1270, Technology Colony; New Time Building, First Floor, CP 87010, Tel (834) 318-1033 Ext. 45701


1.-Conference on Prevention of Occupational Risks
Objective: Raise awareness and sensitize employers, workers and society in general on the importance of avoiding risks and diseases of work, in order to safeguard the life and integrity of workers and take care of the safety of the facilities, thereby promoting productivity and competitiveness of the companies, by means of the imparting of a series of conferences with subjects allusive to the security and health in the work.

2.-Eradication of Child Labor
Objective: Introduce the legal norms on child labor in order to generate in the participants, reflection processes, analysis and monitoring of the cases of students who interrupt their studies.

3.- Training in General Health and Safety Work Conditions
Objective: Safeguard the life and integrity of the workers as well as take care of the safety of the facilities.

Guide and advise on the most effective way to comply with work standards. The Inspection staff provides advice to integrate the Safety and Hygiene Commissions in order to investigate the causes of accidents in the workplace, propose measures to prevent them and ensure that they are complied with.

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City Victoria Blvd. Emilio Portes Gil #1270, Technology Colony; New Time Building, Upper Floor (834) 318-1033
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