General Programs

Control of Inventory of Movable Property.
The Ministry of Education, through the Directorate of Material Resources, disseminates to all work centers, the existing regulations on the registration, operation, use and use of personal property.

Comprehensive Insurance Programs.
The Ministry of Public Education, concerned about the high rate of theft of furniture and equipment and damage to its buildings and contents due to weather events, has hired an Integral Insurance Policy for the protection of all its assets since 1998.

Directory of Libraries.
Know the Libraries that are in the State of Tamaulipas

Full-time schools.
Its objective is to improve the quality of the learning of girls and boys in a framework of diversity and equity, fostering the development of life skills and the gradual progress in achieving the Graduate Profile of basic education, through of the expansion and efficient use of time, the strengthening of school management processes and teaching practices, as well as the incorporation of new educational materials.

Teacher Training Schools.
Focused for owners and legal representatives of particular teacher training institutions at the level of bachelor's degree in basic education, who request the authorization of official validity of studies to impart such study plans.

Regional Centers for Educational Development.
Its basic functions are to coordinate, manage and supervise the fulfillment of educational programs and services in accordance with current regulations, implementing strategies and actions with a regional focus in the Centers and Regional Offices of Educational Development.

School Councils of Social Participation.
Collegiate bodies that manage and propose actions that contribute to raising the quality of education, made up of state, municipal and school authorities, parents, society, teachers and their union structure.

Compensatory programs.
It is in charge of giving coverage of educational attention to the most unprotected communities of the state, through strategies that favor the permanence of the students and teachers, promote the equity and quality of education that is imparted, as well as the professionalization of the service and the federalization of education.

Master's Root Program in the Rural Environment.
It has among its objectives to ensure that the school population of marginalized rural communities have educational services

Environmental Education Program.
It has among its objectives to disseminate the strategies and actions of government in relation to the improvement and environmental preservation of the entire community, based on concrete actions in our schools. Likewise, create awareness for the attention of environmental problems, assuming and developing educational processes towards the correction or elimination of negative practices for the environment

Gender Equity Program.
Its objective is to contribute to the strengthening of the institutional culture so that it incorporates the perspectives of equality, human rights and eradication of school and gender violence, in the educational, academic and administrative actions of the State Educational System.

Educational Reform Program.
Its objective is to contribute to the reduction of the lag in the physical conditions of public schools of basic education and the strengthening of school management autonomy to improve the provision of educational services with quality and equity.

Program of Cultural and Educational Promotion.
Its objective is to contribute and promote the promotion of culture and artistic activities in Basic Education plans and programs, through the needs of students and teachers in order to contribute towards an Integral Education.

Linking with Parents' Associations.
Permanent advisory and monitoring program on the functioning of the boards of parents' associations in the institutions of basic education.

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