• 09 de julio de 2019
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1er. 2019 Pan-American Fishing Championship.

The last 05 of July of 2019, was the inauguration of the 1er. 2019 Pan-American Fishing Championship, this event took place in the BARCO museum of the child, in which different authorities welcomed the participants and wished them success in the championship.

This event organized by the "PanAmerican Sportfishig Federation" through the Government of the State of Tamaulipas and the National Federation of Sport Fishing AC, began with the development of the competition in the Tamesí River on Saturday 06 of July at 8 hours, in the one that 16 teams integrated by participants of Guatemala, Colombia, Cuba, Panama, the United States and Mexico, started with great enthusiasm this championship.

On Sunday 07 of July at 18 hours, the award ceremony was held, leaving the results of this sports competition as follows:

By team:

1er. Mexico

2º. Mexico

3er. Panama

Po nation:

1er. Mexico

2º. Guatemala

3er. Colombia

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