Employment Fairs

The SNE organizes Employment Fairs throughout the country with the purpose of providing job seekers with direct contact, at the same time and in their physical space, with several companies that carry out recruitment and selection processes.

If you are interested in making your work profile known to several employers, in a same day and place, with a significant saving of resources and efforts, the Employment Fairs are an option for you.

In the Employment Fairs, you can know better than anywhere else, the employment opportunities available, the job profiles required by companies and the working conditions offered.

In the Employment Fairs you can also get information about the programs, employment linkages and occupational guidance, as well as training support for work and self-employment initiatives operated by the SNE.

The Employment Fairs are presented in 2 modalities:

  1. . Occupational employment fairs:
    • There they receive personal attention from representatives of the companies that have
      agreed with the SNE. The largest number of Employment Fairs held in the
      country correspond to this modality.
  2. Virtual Employment Fairs:
    • The virtual modality offers more advantages to the job seeker, provides job seekers with all the services and benefits of a face-to-face Employment Fair, adding to the advantages offered by the Internet.


Be a job seeker:
Age 16 years or more
Be registered in the SNE

Official identification
Proof of address

To know the date, location and schedule of the Employment Fairs in your locality, go to the SNE office of your Federal Entity, or consult the following link:


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