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Traditional costumes

There is a garment with which the Tamaulipecos are identified throughout Mexico: la cuera. It is an article that throughout the state is used as a gala garment to attend a party, to dance and play music or for a parade. It can be seen both in Ocampo and in Tampico, Ciudad Victoria, Matamoros, Reynosa or Nuevo Laredo; is, without a doubt, the typical dress from Tamaulipas.

Ramón Mendoza, craftsman from Tula, tells us the origin of this unique garment, with filigree leather and beards on the sleeves, chest and back:

"Formerly it was called cotón; it was a smooth jacket, long to the ground, exclusively for the cowboys. They made it from deer suede but they made it for the field, to protect it from the branches, and from there the idea of ​​making one to General Alberto Carrera Torres was born, but with some adornments; At that time they did not wear the beards we wear now. That first hat was made by the father of my father-in-law, Captain Rosalío Reina, who was a revolutionary companion of the general; My wife says that she did it in the middle of the sierra: where she was going there, they loaded the machine. The drawings were taken from the wild flowers of the field and from there to here it has been styling for so long. I do not have an exact date, it was between 1915 and 1917. "

Source: Tamaulipas, environment, history and customs. Rivero Torres, José Manuel. Government of the State of Tamaulipas, Mexico, 2008, 143-145 p.

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