House of Earth

House of Earth- Victoria, is an environmental education center focused on spreading the causes and consequences of Climate Change. It is the first of the centers that make up the State Network of Education Centers and Global Climate Watch.

Most relevant characteristics.

  • Vanguard technology. The House of the Earth incorporates the technology of the Science on a Sphere with a system of global representation that presents terrestrial and global data of the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States of North America) and of the NASA (National Administration of Aeronautics and Space of the United States of North America)
  • Dynamic and animated globe.
  • Individual interactive simulators.

Services.- Educational / Informative.

  • Casa de la Tierra is an Educational Center focused on informing and sensitizing the population about the phenomenon of climate change.
  • It works as an Environmental Education center to organize workshops, conferences, seminars and other related events.
  • It is an interactive education tool, since the students that visit the center complement the knowledge they receive in the classroom, through the simulators and the projections of different contents.
  • It is a space for the development of technological and environmental projects.
  • Casa de la Tierra presents audiovisual information related to Climatic Phenomena, Planetary Systems, Greenhouse Gases, Cyclonic Activity among others.

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