Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya are diseases transmitted by a single vector, Aedes aegypti, which reproduces, feeds and can make families sick in their own homes.

Together we can fight it with these simple actions:

Wash buckets, pools, water tanks, cisterns and any container that accumulates water and the mosquito that reproduces.

Cover any container in which water is stored.

Turn buckets, tambos, vats, pots or any other object that you do not use and that you can accumulate water, especially rain.

Throw bottles, tires, cans or frets unusable.

Change the water in pet vases and drinkers every third day.

Use insect repellents and canopies for beds.

Place mosquito nets on doors and windows.

Use long-sleeved shirts and long pants, making sure the clothes are light colors.

Open doors and windows when the health personnel pass with the fumigating vans.

If you have tires that do not work, get information in your municipality to take them to the nearest collection center.

Check the roof, garage, patio and garden since in all these places there may be containers that serve the mosquito to develop.

Warning signs and signals:


High and sudden fever

Muscle pain

Headache and behind the eyes

Occasional rash



Headache and malaise


Non-purulent conjunctivitis

Muscle or joint pain


Very strong fever

Severe joint pain (disabling)

Rash (occasional)

Headache and behind the eyes

To date, there are no vaccines or specific treatments for these diseases, prevention is the best way to protect your family

If you are pregnant, go to your prenatal consultations in a timely manner.

For your health, live longer.

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