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My Photo with the Governor

Government of Tamaulipas strengthens police corporations with more and better prepared elements.

State Government and DIF Tamaulipas inaugurate the Tamaulipas Autism Center.

Ranchers join efforts to raise funds in favor of the Tamaulipas DIF System.

Governor Pan American Fishing Tournament opens at Vicente Guerrero Dam.

Inauguration of the Linear Park in the Colonia Azteca in Ciudad Victoria.

Tamaulipas has the most complete sports infrastructure in history.

Governor of Tamaulipas and President of the United States Congress endorse fraternity ties between the two countries.

Governor delivers Wellness Park in Burgos.

Carnival Tam 2020 begins in the South Conurbation Zone of Tamaulipas.

Delivery Governor roofing in school of Soto la Marina.

Governor delivers the Municipal Tampico Market.

Government of Tamaulipas and DIF carry services and supports to families of Bustamante.

Tamaulipas capital account with more sports infrastructure.

Tour of the Hacienda del Gral. Alberto Carrera Torres in Bustamante.

Second stage Governor of the Reynosa Military Baccalaureate opens.

Governor inaugurates municipal gym in Ciudad Mier.

«The Color of Tamaulipas» at the Tamaulipas State Congress.

Governor Integral Justice Center number 11 opens.

Celebration of the day of the Nurse and the Nurse South Zone Tampico City.

Day of the Nurse and the nurse in Nuevo Laredo.

Meeting with Businessmen in Matamoros City.

Inauguration of the Valeo Company Expansion project in Rio Bravo.

Nurse Day Celebration in Matamoros City.

School bus delivery at Technical High School in Aldama.

Delivery of School Bus in Ejido Morón.

Tour of the Office of the Prosecutor, Civil Registry, Cadastral and Registry in Ciudad Reynosa. 

Celebration of the Day of the Nurse and Nurse in Ciudad Reynosa.

Inauguration of CECUDI in Ciudad Victoria.

Nurse and Nurse Day Celebration in Ciudad Victoria.

Governor announces installation of video surveillance cameras and TAM Safe Bases for citrus region.

With “A Government Near You”, Governor of the State and President of DIF Tamaulipas continue touring the entity.

State Government and DIF Tamaulipas promote film production on reproductive prevention.

President of the Commemorative Parade of the Mexican Revolution in Nuevo Laredo.

It brings together International Fishing Tournament to more than 2 participants.

Bet Tamaulipas for the strength of its seaports.

Government of Tamaulipas recognizes its Paralympic athletes.

Review of the work of the UPR Library in the Miguel Miguel Guerra City.

Inauguration of Libramiento in Ciudad Mier.

Inauguration of the Welfare Center in the Miguel Miguel Guerra City.

Inauguration of the Wellness Center in Ciudad Nuevo Guerrero.

Inauguration of the FUT 7 court in Ciudad Nuevo Guerrero.

Work tour in Miguel Alemán.

Work tour in the municipalities of the small border.

Livestock auction for the benefit of DIF Tamaulipas social programs.

Monarch Butterfly Festival in Jaumave.

Tour at the Tamaulipas Fair 2019

Tour of Barra de Morón in Aldama.

Governor celebrates doctors from the southern part of the state.

Governor participates in horseback riding in the framework of the Tamaulipas Fair.

Inaugurates Governor Feria Tamaulipas 2019

State Government and DIF Tamaulipas continues to bring services and support to the families of the entity.

Governor oversees modernization works at the Reynosa General Hospital.

Expands leading company in robotic engines its presence in Tamaulipas.

Once again a program near government comes to Gonzalez.

Tamaulipas joins the celebration of World Tourism Day.

The Government of Tamaulipas promotes the first state certification in tourism in the country.

Advances in Tamaulipas product of coordination between society and government: Governor.

President of the Republic highlights coordination with the Government of Tamaulipas.

President recognizes the advances in security in Tamaulipas.

Visit to the Bicentennial Tower

Governor recognizes athletes of the 2019 National Olympiad.

Genetic improvement program has made it easier for farmers to buy 5 stallions.

DIF and Tamaulipas Government launch strategy against child sexual abuse.

Families enjoyed La Pesca Beach Fest activities.

Holds Governor meeting with responsible for drinking water operators.

Reynosa will have a new government building.

Exhibitions at the Pinacoteca de Tamaulipas

Governor affirms goodwill and collaboration between Tamaulipas and the EU

Solid Waste Transfer Unit of Tampico.

Governor delivery works for municipal strengthening in the Southern Conurbation Zone.

Tamaulipas has the second wind turbine production plant.

Salitrillos Wind Farm in Reynosa.

Delivery of Recognitions to Teacher Merit in Reynosa.

Gallery of Honor of the Magisterium and Delivery of Recognitions to Teacher Merit in Ciudad Victoria.

Celebration of Teacher's Day in Nuevo Laredo.

Celebration of Mothers' Day in Ciudad Victoria.

Recognition to the Teacher, Director, Supervisor, Sector Head of Tamaulipas of Basic Education 2019 SET-SNTE.

Celebration of Mother's Day in Tampico.

Mother's Day celebration in Nuevo Laredo.

Children's Day celebration.

Supervises Unidos por Tamaulipas in Matamoros.

Brangus Latin American Association in Tamaulipas.

Inaugurates Governor tourist whereabouts "La Lobina".

Government of Tamaulipas turns Miramar into the first inclusive beach in the Gulf of Mexico.

Governor La Ribera Welfare and Peace Center inaugurated in Tampico.

Abre Tamaulipas Barco, Children's Museum.

Governor opens international exhibition � �EnerTam» 2019.

The National Confederation of Livestock Organizations recognizes the livestock policy of Tamaulipas.

Supervises Governor United for Tamaulipas in Nuevo Laredo.

Launches Governor WTC operations in Nuevo Laredo.

United by Tamaulipas improves quality of life and strengthens social fabric.

Center for Welfare and Peace in Matamoros.

Governor inaugurates recarpeteo works and oversees work by Unidos por Tamaulipas in Miguel Alemán.

In Valle Hermoso the governor inaugurates works and supervises actions by Unidos por Tamaulipas.

Governor inaugurates Wellness and Peace Center in Soto La Marina.

Receives Governor of Tamaulipas Águila CANACINTRA.

Celebrate producers of Brahma national convention in Tamaulipas.

Governor of the State and President of DIF Tamaulipas Winners of the Soccer Tournament "DIF Te Quiero Bien"

Launches Government of the State plan "United for Tamaulipas"

Tamaulipas brings together farmers and farmers around the world.

Governor inaugurates health center in Reynosa

Delivery of proof of salary increase to casual health workers in Reynosa.

Governor Welfare Center inaugurated in Ejido Parakeets in Reynosa.

State government grants salary increase to casual health workers.

Tamaulipas brings its capabilities and potential to the new federal energy policy.

Governor of the Welfare and Peace Center inaugurated in Reynosa.

Governor Delivery Center for Welfare and Peace in Rio Bravo.

With investments and jobs, the Government of Tamaulipas and productive sectors will improve the quality of life in the south of the state.

Mante has a new textile company.

Tour around the City of Mante.

Tour around the City of Mante

A border hug to the Governor Cabeza de Vaca and the President of the United States Congress, Nancy Pelosi.

New Governor Delivery Center for Welfare and Peace in Ciudad Victoria

Renueva Gobierno de Tamaulipas ITACE school transport

Governor presides first generation graduation of professionals in maintenance of wind generators

The Government of Tamaulipas will dedicate 30 mdp to the Tam 2019 Genetic Improvement Program.

20 thousand students will receive benefits of scholarships Purpose and Virtue.


Governor recognizes state public servants and announces salary increases.

The government of Tamaulipas basifies teachers of English in the central and southern areas.

Tamaulipas counts for the first time with high technology ambulances.

Grants Governing Basis for English teachers in basic education.

Governor acknowledges the work of nurses from Nuevo Laredo.

Governor and President DIF Tamaulipas, Reyes Day celebrates the childhood of Jaumave.

Governor re-inaugurates the Adolfo Ruiz Cortines Sports Complex in Ciudad Victoria.

Governor acknowledges the work of nurses from Tamaulipas.

Christmas 2018 in Mante

Christmas 2018 Tam in Reynosa and Matamoros

A government program near you comes to Aldama families.

Zarpa de Tamaulipas the largest oil platform built in Mexico

Extend Executive and Judicial Branch infrastructure for the delivery of justice.

Doctor's Day, downtown area of ​​Tamaulipas.

A Government Near You to Gómez Farías.

Doctor's Day in the southern region of Tamaulipas.

Cattle auction at the Tam 2018 Fair.

Doctor's Day

Investors bet on Tamaulipas.

Government of the State and DIF Tamaulipas provide assistance brigades to families in rural areas.

Starts Tamaulipas Fair 2018

The Federation and Government of Tamaulipas Invert Historic Resources for Educational Infrastructure

The construction of blades for Vestas wind turbines starts in Tamaulipas


Governor presides over graduation of new elements for Public Safety.

Governor welcomes participants of the National Championship of Bass 2018

DIF Tamaulipas and Government of the State 2ª Tam Tam de Golf to benefit the program Nuestros Niños, Nuestro Futuro.

State Government opens new spaces for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of Tamaulipas.

Governor starts the protocol for the "With my supplies to school" Program

Inauguration of Home Extension San Antonio


The state program Escuela Tamaulipeca de Verano 2018 starts in #CdVictoria

Expansion of the 5 ° Rail

Launch of the #ConoceTuCapital program

Signing of a collaboration agreement between #GobTam, through the Secretariat of Education of #Tamaulipas

Meeting with Empresarios de Nuevo Progreso, # RíoBravo.

Replica of the Sistine Chapel in Reynosa

I lived with students of rural schools in the framework of the #ConoceTuEstado program of #DIFTam

Graduation of the 1ra. Generation of Lic. In Police Sciences

The Logos Hope library made its first visit to the Port of Tampico

We released sea turtles that for various reasons were stranded on #Tam beaches

A Planet without Pollution for Plastics Campaign Has Launched

Installation of the State Council of the Agenda2030

At the opening of the 2018 Industrial Supplier Expo

Enthronement to the Gallery of Honor of the Tamaulipas Magisterium

Medal delivery "Mtro. Manuel Altamirano "and" Prof. Rafael Ramírez ", by 40 and 30 years of outstanding educational service

Celebrating the working mothers of the State Government.

Inauguration of the City Court of Justice #Mante

Supervision of the dredging of the navigation channel of the #Matamoros Port

Supervision of the construction of a Social Welfare Center in Miguel Alemán

Tour in the construction of the Convention Center

New General Consulate of the United States of America in #NLD

International Expo #ENERTAM2018

Supervision of work of 2 naval stations

1st. stone of a storage and distribution terminal of the supply network of Petroliferos Altamira Bajío SUPERA

Operative of Security and Tourist attention of Holy Week

Governor takes scholarships and benefits of social programs to Matamoros

Social Infrastructure Program (Overcrowding) - Matamoros

Start of Work Welfare and Peace Center in Matamoros

Start of Work Center for Welfare and Peace in Rio Bravo

Governor support delivery, for Adults of Rio Bravo

Social Infrastructure Program (Overcrowding) - Río Bravo

Inauguration of Paralibros and public internet in Parque Fundadores de Río Bravo.

Visit and tour of Mante City General Hospital

Governer attends the Inauguration Expo Fería Xicotencatl

Governor inaugurates road paving and recreational park in Reynosa

Tamaulipas continues generating employment and promoting labor formality

Governor recognizes Tamaulipas women as promoters of state development

Soccer match Las Jaibas vs Santos in Ciudad Madero

Tamaulipas surpasses housing granting goal

Thousands of Tamaulipas Celebrate the National Day of the Family

Thousands of Tamaulipas Celebrate the National Day of the Family

Second stage of the United for Reynosa strategy begins

Young Tamaulipas Festival in Ciudad Victoria

Commemorates Governor Flag Day

Supervision of Work Av. 17 Ciudad Victoria

Annual Collection of the Mexican Red Cross begins in Tamaulipas

Governor hands out support to families of Ciudad Mier

Families of San Fernando receive support from the Government's social programs and DIF

Governor hands out support to Miguel Aleman families

Government and DIF Tamaulipas support social support to people who need it most

Inauguration of Prospera Nursery

Social Welfare Event

Delivery of Lenses

American Consulate

Scholarship Delivery in the CBTis #24

Journalist Day

Nurse day

Nurse day