Patriotic symbols

Hymn to Tamaulipas

The Anthem of Tamaulipas is considered one of the symbols of the State; its origin was initially a song dedicated to the city of Matamoros.

Coat of arms of Tamaulipas

The first Coat of Arms of Tamaulipas is identified with its colonizer Don José de Escandón and Helguera, who in October of 1749 was granted, as well as his descendants, the title of Castillo, Count of Sierra Gorda and Viscount of Escandón.

National anthem

The Mexican National Anthem is one of the three official patriotic symbols of our country. Despite being known and used as such from 1854, it was only made official at 1943 from a decree issued by President Manuel Ávila Camacho.

National flag

Throughout history, the Flag of Mexico has undergone a series of transformations, up to the current National Enseña, also called the Fourth National Flag, which was adopted by decree the 16 of September of 1968, and confirmed by law 24 February of 1984.

Law of the National Symbols

Flag Day Memorial Ceremony

  • 28 of February 2019
  • Civic Events
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