Open High School

Check your qualifications by writing your registration here:

La Open High School is an educational service in modality not schooled of the baccalaureate level offered to the population with wishes or need to start, continue or conclude this training cycle, and has no opportunity to attend a school.

There are no registration and registration periods for the Open High School. The procedure can be done at any time of the year, except on non-working days.

To register, go to the office or counseling center of your preference and presents the following original documents:

1. Record of attendance to the informative talk.
2. High school certificate.
3. Birth certificate.
4. Proof of address (receipt of water, electricity, telephone no greater than 3 months).
5. Voting lisense.
6. CURP.
7. Two recent photographs, the same, with light clothing, children's size, black and white, matte finish, light background.

Check here the application and exam presentation calendar:

Per review: $ 73.00 pesos.
For duplicate credential $ 43.00 pesos.
By duplicate of certificate $ 54.00 pesos.

Registration and certification for the first time is free.

Requirements for certification:
1. Birth certificate original and copy.
2. Original Secondary Certificate and copy.
3. Two recent photographs, identical, child-size, in black and white or in color, in front and with the face uncovered, with clothing and light background, in matte finish (not scanned or scanned).
4. Application for services with complete and correct data (format that will be given to you in the Open High School Coordination).
5. Proof of the Single Registry of Population (CURP).
6. Current Open High School credential or IFE identification (copy).

For more information, you can contact:

Education secretary
Undersecretariat of Higher and Higher Education
Directorate of Higher Secondary Education
Open High School Coordination
Educational and Cultural Medical Center "Adolfo López Mateos"
Old building of the BENFT 1 floor, Col. Pedro Sosa, CP 87120
Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas
Tel .: (834) 312 2334

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