Education Law for the State of Tamaulipas


ARTICLE 66. The State Technical Board of Education will be the collegiate body for consultation, advice and guidance of the Secretariat, state educational institutions and municipalities, with the aim of promoting education, educational programs and projects.

ARTICLE 67. The powers of the State Technical Board of Education are:

I. Conduct studies and research about:
a) The regional contents for the plans and programs of study, educational methods, textbooks and teaching assistants;
b) The services of professional improvement of the teaching profession; Y
c) The plans for the expansion, improvement and regionalization of the State Educational System.

II. Collect and study the opinion of the teaching profession and that of other sectors of the community involved or interested in the educational process; Y

III. Contribute to the coordination of commissions and agencies that carry out tasks related to education, with the participation of the State and the Federation.

ARTICLE 68. The proposal of plans and programs of regional content and the establishment of educational institutions by the State Executive, through their dependencies, will be made in coordination with the Secretariat and advice of the State Technical Board of Education and considering the Agreements of the State and National Education Congresses.

Consultation document
Last applied reform, PO of the 7 of February of 2017.

For more information, you can contact:

Education secretary
State Technical Board of Education
17 Street No. 313, between Zaragoza and Ocampo
Central Zone, CP 87000, Cd. Victoria, Tam.
Tel. (834) 312 94 67

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