The electronic governmental public information system on acquisitions, leases and services, as well as public works and services related to the same CompraNET 5.0, is free and mandatory, is a means by which contracting procedures are developed by the Entities and Dependencies of the Federal Public Administration and of the Federal Entities that handle federal resources, which are administered in compliance with the federal laws of Public Works and Services Related thereto, and Acquisitions, Leases and Services of the Public Sector.


Buyer Unit Registration UC

1. In order to obtain the registration and authorization of the Buying Unit, the owner of the contracting area or the area responsible for contracting at the central level or the public servant designated by it shall:

  1. To elaborate Application formof discharge addressed to the UPCP (New high template UC)
    • This document must be sent on the letterhead of the Dependency, Entity or Municipality, only changing the data indicated by the document itself, that is, the official number, the place and date of issue, the name of the Buyer Unit (it will be the same that corresponds to the area responsible for hiring) and the required data of both the responsible and the operators
    • The office must be sealed and signed by the Owner of the area responsible for the hiring, to later be scanned in PDF format, and send it to the email
  2. Capture the data in the Register format(xLSX), for registration in the ReCen
    • This document must be duly completed according to the instructions contained in it, it will be attached in the same email that the registration application form is sent to the online training system, in the original Excel format, being important to validate the email of the person in charge, since the access codes to the registry will be sent to said account
  3. Send the Application Officeand Register format original to the Government Comptroller's Office, located in the Government Office Center, Bicentennial Tower, 15 floor, Libramiento Naciones Unidas with Blvd. Praxedis Balboa, Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, CP 87083.

Modifications, change of manager, cancellations of operators and UC

2. Modification in data of the UC or the current Responsible

  1. The Head of the UC shall prepare a craft of request for modification addressed to UPCP (Responsible Change Template and / or Modifications in UC data.doc).
  2. Enter the CompraNet-rc system (Register of Buying Units) and send a Modification request (Request for Modifications CompraNet-rc Operation Manual, "Help" section).
  3. The responsible person will receive by email, the confirmation of the attention of their request through the system.

3. Change of Head of UC

  1. Before the current head of the UC, leave this position, you must request through the system CompraNet-rc, the corresponding change of responsible
    • The current responsible person should prepare a craft of request for modification addressed to UPCP (Responsible Change Template and -or Modifications to UC data.doc).
    • Enter the CompraNet-rc (Register of Buying Units) system (with the key assigned to you as responsible for the UC) and send a Modification request (Request for Modifications, CompraNet-rc Operation Manual, "Help" section).
    • The new responsible will receive by email, the confirmation of the attention of the request
  2. In case the previous responsible person has not made the change of responsible at the end of his / her administration:
    • The new responsible person must prepare a modification request letter addressed to the UPCP (Responsible Change Template and -or Modifications to UC.doc data).
    • Capture your data as the new responsible in the Registration format (xlsx).
    • Send the scanned request form and the Excel registration form to BuyNet Supervisor from the State Control Body (OEC) to the email
    • The new responsible will receive by email, the confirmation of the attention of your request

4. Deactivation of Operators

The Head of the UC, must request the UPCP the withdrawal of any operator and / or administrator of the Unit Buyer for the purpose of canceling your user code in CompraNet.

  1. To elaborate trade (Low Operators TemplateUC.doc), in which the date from which the operator and / or administrator is required to leave is specified.
  2. Make the low of the operator and / or administrator through the CompraNet-rc system (Request for withdrawal of users enabled in CompraNet, Operation Manual CompraNet-rc, section "Help").
  3. Load the office of low in the CompraNet-rc module and wait for the status of the operator to change

5. Baja UC

  1. Elaborate office (TemplateLow UC.doc) indicating the reasons for the request for withdrawal.
  2. Send scanned job to BuyNet Supervisor of the State Control Body (OEC)

6. Regulations, Guidelines and Operation Manual.

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