Declarations Patrimoniales

As of the nineteenth day of July of two thousand and seventeen, the date on which the Law of Administrative Responsibilities of the State of Tamaulipas came into force, all public servants within the scope of the Executive Branch are obliged to submit to the Government Comptroller of the State, the declarations of patrimonial, interest and fiscal situation.

They must be submitted in the following periods:

Initial Declaration, within sixty calendar days following the taking of possession due to:

a.- Admission to public service for the first time;

b.- Re-entry to public service after sixty calendar days of the conclusion of his last

Declaration of Modification, during the month of May of each year.

Declaration of conclusion of the order, within sixty calendar days following the conclusion.

  • In case of change of dependency or entity in the same order of government, only notice of such situation will be given and it will not be necessary to present the conclusion statement.

This legal obligation is intended to know the assets of public servants when entering the public service; the declaration of modification allows to know the annual evolution of the patrimony and the declaration of conclusion reflects the final state of the same. The analysis of the same, separately or jointly, will allow detecting if the public servant incurred illicit enrichment.

The Patrimonial and Interests declaration must be made in the formats used at the federal level, until the Coordination Committee of the National Anticorruption System and the Coordination Committee of the State Anticorruption System determine the formats for the presentation of the aforementioned declarations, in accordance with the provisions of the Third Transitory Article of the General Law of Administrative Responsibilities. These formats are available to those interested in the website of the Government of the State, in the icon PROCESSES AND SERVICES.

The patrimonial declarations and of interests will be public except for the items whose publicity could affect the private life or the personal data protected by the Federal Constitution. The formats will ensure that the aforementioned items are kept by the competent authority, and must be done through electronic means.

While the legal adjustments are being implemented and the official formats for the presentation of the patrimonial declaration and of interests are made known, the public servants will present the patrimonial declaration and of interests in document, with autographed signature, in the format used in the field federal.

The receipt of the declaration of assets and interests may be made in the offices of the Control Bodies in the dependencies and entities of the Executive Power and of the Direction of Responsibilities and Asset Situation, during office hours.

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