Wellness Centers and Parks

The Government of the State of Tamaulipas, through the Secretariat of Social Welfare, has implemented a policy that addresses the regeneration of the social fabric and contributes to increasing community social cohesion in all groups of the population; For this reason, it has designed the Wellness Centers and Parks Program.

General Purpose
Generate the conditions to promote a peaceful and harmonious coexistence of people, family integration, in order to support the reconstruction of the social fabric and generate actions that help the prevention of social violence, through sports, cultural, artistic, social and recreational in public spaces.

Specific objectives
Create and / or rehabilitate existing public spaces, to provide spaces that help improve the quality of life of the inhabitants, thus contributing to the integration of society in their environment.

Coordinate with the different government institutions their activities, programs and / or services, with the purpose of promoting social cohesion, social prevention of violence, family integration and personal development.

Organize, program and execute recreational, sports, recreational and cultural activities in centers and parks for the social promotion of institutional actions, with the participation of the community.

Encourage the organization of the community in social committees responsible for overseeing the operation and development of activities in that public space.

Wellness Centers
In the state of Tamaulipas there is a total of 13 Welfare Centers in functions in the municipalities of Nuevo Laredo, Matamoros, Ciudad Victoria and Tampico.

The activities offered are talks of values, civics talks, psycho-emotional attention, plastic and recycled arts course, first aid course, English courses, community mediation, talks by the women's institute, among others.

Wellness Parks
66 active welfare parks are currently located in 25 Municipalities of the state of Tamaulipas: Ciudad Victoria, Reynosa, Nuevo Laredo, Matamoros, Tampico, Ciudad Madero, Altamira, Gonzalez, Mante, San Fernando, Rio Bravo, Valle Hermoso, Miguel Aleman, Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, Jaumave, Padilla, Soto la Marina, Tula, Guerrero, Mier, Camargo, Palmillas, Xicoténcatl, Méndez and Güemez.

In the vast majority of activities that take place in the parks are the following: sports activities, talks of values, talks of the culture of legality, talks of civics.

Likewise, the Tamaulipas Institute of Culture conducts workshops on different types of cultural activities and promotion of reading.

Rules of operation

Wellness and Peace Centers
The Welfare and Peace Centers are spaces focused on the recovery of the social fabric through the implementation of activities aimed at the entire community to positively influence it, improve opportunities and quality of life for the families of Tamaulipas.

Currently 6 active welfare and peace centers are located in 6 Municipalities of the state of Tamaulipas: Ciudad Victoria, Reynosa, Rio Bravo, Soto La Marina Tampico and Matamoros.

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