Single Social Records Census

The Unique Social File "Todos Contamos" Census TAM 2017 was born in response to the need for disaggregated information at the individual, household and housing levels, which makes it difficult to focus social programs in a precise manner.

In this sense, the Unique Social File responds to the objectives of the Social Welfare Secretariat, which are: propose, design, specify, execute and monitor social programs for attention and precise overcoming of social deprivation and / or vulnerability of income in the state.

Objectives of the Census

The "Unique Social File" has the purpose of generating a solid base in the matter of social development, in order to conduct actions that correctly attend to the population with social and / or vulnerable deficiencies by income in the state of Tamaulipas. In addition, it seeks to link the manifestations of poverty with violence and social violence, to establish the role they play in the efficiency of the social development policy in the state.

The census contributes to the following specific objectives:

  • Have information on individuals, households and housing, collected directly by the state of Tamaulipas to assess their poverty situation.
  • Know the link between poverty indicators and social violence in the population of the state of Tamaulipas.
  • Make clear and well-directed decisions to contribute to the process of diminishing social deprivation in Tamaulipas.
  • Analyze the socioeconomic information in relation to the social deprivations measured by the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (CONEVAL), including the violence index.
  • Approve socio-economic and socio-demographic information of potential right holders of social programs.
  • Classify the population in a situation of multidimensional poverty according to the criteria established by CONEVAL and focus more reliably on the supports granted by social programs.
    What are the benefits of carrying out the Census?
    Derived from this census survey, the following achievements have been obtained:
  • Obtaining a recent radiography of the social reality of households and homes in Tamaulipas.
  • Creation of a database of citizens from Tamaulipas who have at least a social deficiency and / or who are below the welfare line.
  • With the information, social programs focused on individuals, households and homes that have at least one social deficiency and / or are below the welfare line can be created.
  • Adaptation of the CONEVAL methodology to measure multidimensional poverty in the state, and identify the population with lack and / or vulnerable by income.
  • Link poverty with social violence.
  • The use of new information technologies will allow the Single Social Record to be updated on a daily basis, with the purpose of monitoring progress in reducing poverty in the state.

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