Sports Academies of Soccer "Jaibas Bravas"

What is it?
The Secretariat of Social Welfare, through the Undersecretary of Human Rights and Social Attention to Violence, implements the Sports Academies of Soccer "Jaibas Bravas" in the municipalities of Nuevo Laredo, Reynosa, Cd. Madero, Matamoros and El Mante, through the program Tiempo de Todos - Coexistence Activities for the Reconstruction of the Social Tissue.

Who can be part of the academies?
Children and young people between 5 and 15 years that meet the requirements.

Basic requirements:

  1. Live within the colonies defined as a priority attention area.
  2. Meet the age range.
  3. Comply with the registration documents:
    • Unique Information Format of Right Holders
    • Copy of birth certificate
    • Copy of proof of studies
    • Copy CURP
    • 2 child-sized photographs
    • Copy of official identification of the parent or guardian
    • Copy of the proof of address

NOTE: Children of public servants of any of the 3 levels of government may not register.

Cd. Madero Synthetic grass court Wellness Park Fco. Villa Ramos Arizpe and Matamoros, Col. Francisco Villa, Cd. Madero, Tamaulipas. Colonies:

Francisco Villa, Emilio Zapata, Fidel Velázquez, Hero Nacozari, Los Robles, Hidalgo Poniente, Ignacio Zaragoza, La Loma, Adolfo López Mateos, FOVISSSTE Lucio Blanco, Hidalgo Oriente, Candelario Garza, El Llano, Benito Juarez, El pulvorín, Vicente Guerrero, 16 of September, Hippodrome, Delfino Reséndiz, Madero Poniente, Insurgentes

EL Mante Natural Grass Field Zaragoza Stadium Adolfo Ruiz Cortines between José Vasconcelos and Paniagua, Col. Miguel Alemán, El Mante, Tamaulipas. All the Municipality
Nuevo Laredo Synthetic grass court Solidarity Sports Unit Av. Manuel Ávila Camacho (Calle Lauro del Villar) Among professionals and geologists, Col. Solidaridad, Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas Colonies:

Solidaridad, Popocatépetl, Buena Vista, Solidarity 1 Y 2, Del Maestro, Tamaulipas, FOVISSSTE, Emiliano Zapata, Bella Vista, Alazanes, Los Garza, Bertha Del Avellano

Reynosa Synthetic grass court Wellness Park Villas del Roble Daniela with Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz between Blanca and Ninfa Mtz. Deandar, Col. Villas del Roble, Reynosa, Tamaulipas. Colonies:

Fracc. La Cima, Fracc. Corner of the Valley, Villa Florida sector A, Fracc. Miralomas, Ampl. Valle Alto First Sector, Unity and Effort, Fracc. Alto Poniente Valley, Villas del Roble, Fracc. High Valley

Matamoros Natural Grass Field High Performance Olympic Village Av. Marte R. Gómez between Jorge Negrete and Pedro Cárdenas Gutiérrez, Expofiesta Nte. 87396 Matamoros, Tamaulipas. Colonies:

Buenavista, Esperanza y Reforma, Wellness, Villa Esmeralda, Expo Fiesta Norte, Luis D. Colosio, Del Niño, Emiliano Zapata, Insurgentes, Laureles, Los Angeles, Ricardo Ramos, Santa Martha, Rodriguez, Azteca, Juan C. Bonilla, Eva Sámano , Francisco Castellanos, Las Torres, Anahuac Valley, El Roble, Amado Nervo, Villa Coapa

For more information:
Secretariat of Social Welfare.
Undersecretary of Human Rights and Social Attention to Violence.
Program Monitoring Department.
Phone: (834) 1078399 Ext. 42251.
Government Office Center, 3 Floor, Bicentennial Park, Victoria City, Tam.
Or go to one of the different venues of the Sports Academies from Monday to Friday of 4: 00 pm to 7: 00 pm

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