Social Security and Welfare Institute of the State of Tamaulipas

It is the Parastatal Decentralized Public Organization, whose commitment is to provide and provide present and future social security to public servants of the State Government and their rightful beneficiaries, as well as to pensioners and pensioners, always seeking to expand their benefits and coverage, with greater efficiency , quality and continuous improvement.

The welfare and social security that workers of the Government of the State of Tamaulipas need to climb in the hierarchy of needs that constitute each human being is essential, promote the efficient development of work activities, in such a way that it is an arduous task of the Institute Social Security and Forecasting of the State of Tamaulipas (IPSSET), provide benefits that allow the public servant to develop and maintain the economic and social security they demand.

The IPSSET Law with entry into force on January 1 of the 2015, contains a defined benefit pension regime with parametric variables establishing contributions, ages, regulatory salary and others, according to the requirements of the pension fund to achieve greater viability, with which it is possible to maintain the granting of present and future benefits.

Procedures and services granted

  1. Retirement of CAET Savings
  2. Affiliation of the Public Servant, Children under age or those over 18 years and under 25 years, Wife and Parents.
  3. Scholarships for children of pensioners and pensioners
  4. Refund of Contributions and Payment of Global Compensation.
  5. Refund of Quotas for Transitional Generation Staff
  6. Return of undue discounts
  7. Income to the Savings Bank (CAET)
  8. Registration to the IPSSET Gym
  9. Unemployment Pension for Advanced Age for Transitional Generations
  10. Short Term Loan
  11. CAET Loan
  12. School Loan
  13. Special Loan
  14. Mortgage Loan for Improvement and Construction
  15. Mortgage Loan for Housing Acquisition.
  16. Mortgage Loan for Release of Lien
  17. Mortgage Loan for Housing Improvement.
  18. Medium Term Loan for Vehicle Acquisition.
  19. Withdrawal of FARTET Contributions
  20. Withdrawal of contributions FARUTT
  21. Withdrawal of SAR Contributions SERFIN
  22. Processing of Pension by Ascendant of Active Personnel of the new generation and Generation in Transition
  23. Processing of Pension by Ascendant of Retired Personnel.
  24. Processing of pension for orphanhood of active personnel of the new generation and of the generation in transition
  25. Pension procedure for orphans of retired staff
  26. Processing of pension for orphanhood due to occupational risk of workers of the new generations and generation in transition
  27. Processing of Pension for Work Risk (For Generation in Transition and New Generations)
  28. Widow's pension for retired staff
  29. Processing of pension for widowhood due to professional risk.
  30. Processing of Funeral Services.

Contact Information

Social Security and Welfare Institute of the State of Tamaulipas
17 Carrera Torres No. 102 Altos, Central Zone
Cd. Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico CP 87000
(52.834) 318.7300

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