General and Historical Archive of the State of Tamaulipas

The General and Historical Archive of the State of Tamaulipas (AGHET) is a dependency of the State Executive, whose essential function consists in implanting mechanisms tending to the conservation and control of documents, files, manuscripts, books, maps, plans, brochures, etc., that due to their importance, age or nature should be included in their inventory and custody; as well as the provision of the information service to the public.

The General and Historical Archive of the State has the following objectives:

  • To adapt the source of documentary information of the Government of the State through the supply, management, control, conservation and purification of the official documentation, providing it in a timely manner to the Official for effective decision making.
  • Also collect, control and preserve all documents of a historical nature, mainly from the state, that serve the culture of the inhabitants of Tamaulipas and whoever requests it.
  • Define guidelines and give technical advice to the Archives of the Dependencies of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Power, as well as to the Municipalities of the State when they request it.
  • Carry out the tasks that contribute to increase the historical heritage.


The archives in Tamaulipas go back to the middle of the 18th century, passing as all the archives through different stages and vicissitudes. It is not even within the framework of the National Archives Rescue Program, 1988, promoted by the General Archive of the Nation and with the support of the states and municipalities, that important steps are taken to guarantee its safeguarding and preservation.

In 1990, it is endowed with a first own building to the General State Archive, sheltering part of the archives of the executive and judicial power. In this first phase of the Archive, the new facilities included the adaptation of the former State Judicial Police, a building that dates back to the 20 years and that, despite its suitability, did not have its own infrastructure to protect the collection comprising two kilometers of land. length.

In the year 2010, within the framework of the celebrations of the Bicentennial of the Independence and Centennial of the Mexican Revolution, it was decided to build a new general archive with all the infrastructure required by the archive, consisting of 1800 square meters, distributed in five areas:

  1. Administrative area
  2. Temporary exhibition hall and auditorium
  3. Public attention area composed of cubicles of researchers, newspaper library, photo library, sound library, map library - library and reserved fund
  4. Documentary vault
  5. Area of ​​workshops (digitization, conservation, and binding).

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