Tourism Tamaulipas strengthens linkage with municipalities

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.- Recognizing the offer that the central area of ​​the state has, Fernando Olivera Rocha, Secretary of State Tourism, made a tour of the municipalities of Ocampo and El Mante, where he noted the diversity of spaces and segments that are offered to visitors.

When starting in the also called "Vergel de Tamaulipas", he was accompanied on the day by President Jesús Ávalos Puente and by state undersecretaries José Luis Martínez Portilla and Edgar E. Solís Islas, visiting the most emblematic places of Ocampo, such as the plaza Main, the parish of Santa Bárbara, the Casa del Águila, the ecological walk "La Alberca" and the old haciendas of La Misión and Carranza.

During their stay, representatives of tourism, noted the large number of historical sites and attractions that exist in this town, as well as feel the warmth that distinguishes the Ocampenses. Making the commitment to work together with the present administration in priority and transcendent projects that will generate benefits for the community.

Moving forward in the south central area of ​​the state of Tamaulipas, Fernando Olivera Rocha visited the municipality of El Mante, where together with the first authority Mateo Vázquez Ontiveros, they surveyed part of the tourist attractions that stand out for their diversity and represent unique experiences for the tourists.

The visit included spectacular places such as the Castle of Nueva Apolonia, the grottos of Quintero, the museum of the ejido Celaya, as well as an orchidary and the Regional Institute of Fine Arts.

Coordination and consensus are fundamental to the work in tourism, which is why Olivera Rocha took the protest to the members of the Tourism Advisory Council in the municipality, made up of authorities, representatives of business organizations and members of society civil.

The holder of tourism in Tamaulipas invited the new members of this council to take advantage of this opportunity and work for the benefit of the Mante, promoting the tourist vocation and beauty that your municipality has in terms of nature, cuisine, culture and interpretation of agricultural activity and agriculture.

"Work so that tourism becomes a real alternative for the Mante municipality, that attracts investment and that generates benefits. The mantenses must take the leadership to create the adequate vision that allows to plan, to work of suitable way the projects that represent a benefit for the community ", indicated Olivera Rocha.

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