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The mission of the Ministry of Tourism is to plan, promote and strengthen the development of tourism activity, contributing to the diversification of tourism, the promotion of tourist destinations and regional development of the State through the promotion of private investment and the generation of new jobs in the tourism sector, ensuring in coordination with the corresponding agencies and entities, the municipalities and the private initiative, the innovation of the sector, the quality of tourism services, competitiveness and the sustainable use of tourism resources, protecting our nature, wealth and history.

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Secretary of Tourism

Mtro. Fernando Olivera Rocha

911 Emergencies
089 Anonymous report
065 Red Cross
089 Citizen's Denunciation


Centro Esmeralda, 4to. Floor, Avenida Hidalgo 3309,
Colonia Guadalupe, CP 89120
Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico

+834 171 9264-XNUMX

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