General Office of the Defense of Labor

Objective: Offer a quality service in public management through the constant updating and professionalization of the staff.

Laws that govern us:

  • Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, Article 123 section "A"
  • Federal Labor Law
  • Regulation of the Attorney General of the Defense of Labor


town hall Address Phone
City Victoria Blvd. Emilio Portes Gil #1270, Technology Colony; New Time Building, Ground Floor (834) 318-1037
Tampico Hidalgo Avenue #3209 Colonia Guadalupe (833) 217-1257
Matamoros Álvaro Obregón Avenue #39, Between Claveles and Gardenias, Colonia Jardín (868) 812-4050
Nuevo Laredo El Palmar Building, Former Municipal Palace, Calle Hero de Nacataz and Ocampo Zona Centro (867) 712-9227
Reynosa Calle Bravo / SN, Colonia Bella Vista (899) 924-2306
Miguel Alemán Seventh esq. with Av. Emiliano Zapata No 205 Altos. Downtown area (867) 972-5763
Bravo River Av. Francisco I. Madero No 310 esq. with Quintana Roo. Downtown area
González Zaragoza esq. with Francisco I. Madero, Central Zone (836) 270-3238

Legal advice: We provide free legal advice to workers, their beneficiaries and workers' unions in matters related to the application of legal labor standards, such as unjustified dismissal, work conditions, salary, voluntary resignation, etc.

Agreements: Drafting of extrajudicial agreements and within the labor trial as a result of conciliatory arrangements between the worker-employer's parties.

Elaboration of Demands: Preparation of demands for ordinary and special proceedings before the conciliation and arbitration board; taking the litigation until the fulfillment of the award.

For more information, please contact:

Ministry of Labor
General Office of the Defense of Labor
Blvd. Emilio Portes Gil 127, Building Time New
Headline: Lic. Alejandro Rosas González, Attorney General
Telephones: (834) 107 8000.
Schedules: 8: 00 to 16: 00 hrs.

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