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State Shield

The first Coat of Arms of Tamaulipas is identified with its colonizer Don Jos茅 de Escand贸n and Helguera, who in October of 1749 was granted, as well as his descendants, the title of Castillo, Count of Sierra Gorda and Viscount of Escand贸n.

Later, in Quer茅taro, Escand贸n asked the Viceroy of New Spain to build his coat of arms, an instance that was favorably sent to him; consequently the shield was created between October of 1749 and July of 1751, year in which the request was made.

However, for more than a hundred years since the founding of the State, until the year of 1939, the entity did not have a coat of arms. It was not until the initiative of the then governor, Eng. Marte R. G贸mez, that the first shield was issued and approved under official decree No. 24 of the 29 of March of 1939; from then on it was officially used until the year of 1978 when it was reformed by decree of the Congress.

Finally in April of 1984 underwent its last modification, leaving the design as it currently appears in the Law of the Shield and the Anthem of Tamaulipas which was issued by the Honorable State Congress by decree number 93 of the 16 of October of 2002.

In addition, the past 13 of December of 2012 the Plenary of the Congress of the State approved to reform the denomination of the Law of the Shield of Arms and the Anthem of Tamaulipas by "Law of the Shield and the Anthem of Tamaulipas", it like a form of expression of civility and respect for the Anthem of Tamaulipas. The shield symbolizes the origins of the state, the diverse sources of its riches, the work of its people and its integration into the Mexican Republic.


Shield composition:

  1. In the first section, corresponding to the upper left part and in blue background, appear in the following order a corn plant, one of sorghum, with the orange panicle, one of agave and one cane, all in green as a symbol of the main sources that have boosted the agricultural development of our Entity.
  2. In the second section corresponding to the upper central part, the Coat of Arms of Don Jos茅 de Escand贸n and Helguera, Count of Sierra Gorda, appears as a testimony of recognition for his social, humanitarian and civilizing work, for which only the Coat of Arms will be identified. condal with a yellow cross suppressing the supports, the ring and the crown to be represented based on the following description:
    • In the upper left part there is a blue tower on a red background.
    • In the upper right part a golden eagle on a blue background.
    • In the lower left part a golden cauldron with a red flag on a blue background.
    • In the lower right part a blue tower in red background.
  3. In the third section corresponding to the upper right, in the red background a zebu bull appears in dark brown, a cow of the same race in yellow ocher and a goat in beige, pointing to it the livestock production of our entity.
  4. In the fourth section corresponding to the lower part, in a blue sky background, the characteristic Cerro del Bernal appears in the center and in the center, showing a white cloud on each side. In the lower left there is a light gray shrimp boat and an orange fish in a dark blue sea, which identifies the exploitation and fishing industry of our State. In the lower part and in the center a white tractor is represented in a beige field, furrowing the earth as a testimony of the development through the mechanization of the field. In the lower right part, in a green background, there is a black oil tower and two deposits of white oil, signifying the hydrocarbon potential and the technical capacity for its refining.
According to the regulations, the State Shield will be used in official documents, immovable property owned by the State, graphic manifestations of activities and programs that directly involve state powers, educational, cultural and sports activities, and some other events of the State. state character that merit their use.


Source: Offices of the Governor, Civic Development Office

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