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Because of its location, Tamaulipas has a mix of Mexican and not-so-Mexican cultures, as it borders the state of Nuevo León to the west, the Gulf of Mexico to the east, Veracruz and San Luis Potosí to the south and the north with the border of the state of Texas. That's why we can find dishes with "regal" influence, such as machaca, cuts of meat and kid, burritos from the US, moles from Veracruz, dishes with seafood from the Gulf and food with pre-Hispanic influence by the Indians of the Huasteca; all this has helped the state of Tamaulipas to have an extensive and unique gastronomy

The typical dishes

The favorite dishes of many are the shepherd kid and the baked kid, stuffed gorditas, pork tamales, pork roast, the symbolic roast beef a la tampiqueña, dried meat with egg. Accompanying these dishes with a fresh huapilla water or a mezcal.

Without forgetting the seafood that among them are the so representative of Tampico stuffed crabs, crab salpicón, cebiches, seafood soups and shrimp cooked in different ways.

Desserts such as pemole, corn flour donuts, gorditas sweetened with piloncillo, the sweet potato with pineapple, cocada with pineapple and walnut, the delicious crystallized fruits, the adepitas and the cactus jam.

Tamaulipas cuisine is one of the most varied in northern Mexico and it is very traditional that you can eat the delicious guayín, or the machaca with flour tortillas or maybe some chochas de sotol, the flower of pita with egg.

The pork roast is a delight as well as cactus empanadas or a rich mole of potatoes with shrimp.

Due to the proximity to Nuevo León it is also easy to find a good roast kid or a good cecina.

But undoubtedly the traditional dish of Tamaulipas is the exquisite Taboiqueña meat.

Gorditas de horno and bocoles from El Mante,

Kid enchilado, dial, stuffed crabs, shrimp huatape, Camargo tile corn atole.

Gorditas huastecas, enchiladas tamaulipecas, atole of maguey honey, mezcal de tuna wine, garrocha de lechuguilla, gala kid, La Barda style cakes, chochas and jacubos, enchiladas de Tula.

Ponteduro made with corn and piloncillo, chichimbré or the traditional turrón made in Tula.

Pumpkin in tacha de miel de piloncillo and other regional sweets from Llera,

Prawns in broth or butter in Boca Toma de Gómez Farías,

The asaderas of Jiménez and San Carlos.

Another important element that enriched the cuisine of Tamaulipas was corn, which makes rich gorditas stuffed with stews, pork tamales, chicken and even deer and huilota or pigeon in red chile.

We also find rich cheeses grills, which are served asados, accompanied with flour tortillas and onion slices and fried chili.

The abundance of agricultural products and the sea represents the source of food for the Tamaulipas from ancestral times.

Source: Offices of the Governor, Civic Development Office

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