State Environmental Laboratory


With more than 20 years of experience, the Environmental Laboratory has the physical and human infrastructure specialized in the areas of analysis and research, which attend to the needs of our clients, being our commitment to offer a reliable analysis of your samples, complying with the most high quality standards established by the Mexican Accreditation Entity, AC having the AG-0155-019 / 10 accreditation, as well as complying with the quality guidelines established by the National Water Commission through the CNA approval -GCA-1808.


Ministry of Urban Development and Environment / Management Directorate for Environmental Protection / Environmental Laboratory

Kind of Procedure Classification Impact Users
Service Environment Citizenship Natural persons and moral persons

town hall Address
Victoria Victoria-Mante Road Km 2.5 S / N, Victoria City, Tamps, CP 87120. Environmental Laboratory Building

Contact Information

Area Telephone fax E-mail
Management Directorate for Environmental Protection.

Environmental Laboratory of the State Government

834 31 22245 / 834 31 19660

Response Time and Validity of the authorization.

Time Validity Office Hours:
60 business days undefined Of 8: 30 15 to: 30 hours
Cost Requirements
They are established in accordance with article 75 fraction XXI of the Finance Law for the State of Tamaulipas.

For the Services of the Environmental Laboratory, up to two thousand times the daily value of the Unit of Measure of Update.




  1. A) Requirements:

1.- Submit your service request via telephone to the Environmental Laboratory Marketing Department, at the 834 312 2245 or 834 312 9660 telephone number or to appear at the Laboratory offices to request their services.

2.- The Marketing Department makes the quotation corresponding to the service requested and that must be signed acceptance and / or in default of the applicant must send purchase order according to the quotation of the required service.



1.- Information of the applicant: Name of the company or the individual to whom the analysis report will be addressed, address (street, number, colony, zip code, city, state), contact telephone number.

2.- Parameters that are required to be analyzed, if it is based on any Official Mexican Standard, specify which and the sampling interval.

3.- In case of requesting NOM-001- SEMARNAT-1996 and that your analysis is uploaded to the SIRALAB platform of the CONAGUA, you must provide the data of the FOPG.5.10.CONAGUA format, as well as a copy of the cover pages of your concession title for each of the downloads to be sampled.

4.- Location and identification of the points to be sampled.


Present evidence of payment made for the requested service according to the quote issued by the marketing department.


Payment Methods: Proof to obtain: Means of presentation: Formats:


In cash, check and online payment.


Analytical report of results. Submit your request for services by telephone to the Environmental Laboratory Marketing Department, at the 834 312 2245 or 834 312 9660 telephone, email or at the Laboratory's offices to request their services. FORMAT FOR INFORMATION TO SIRALAB FOPG.5.10.CONAGUA
Resolution Criteria:
1.- In order to deliver the Analytical Report that is generated by the services provided by the State Environmental Laboratory, the evidence of the payment made for the requested service must be presented according to the quotation issued by the marketing department.

2.- The response time to the service is subject to availability of the material and supplies provided to the laboratory.

3.- In case the client's request is outside the scope of the accreditation of the Environmental Laboratory, the requested services can not be performed, and if it is done, it will be with the corresponding written authorization from the applicant.

4.- For foreign services it is essential that the client make the request at least with 48 hours in advance in order to attend to their services in a timely manner.

5.- You can not perform any type of service without the corresponding signature of acceptance of the customers to the quotation and / or in its case a duly authorized purchase order.

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