This documentation must be submitted to the Secretariat of Urban Development and Environment, at the offices located in the Bicentennial Park, Government Center of Ground Floor Offices in "Single Window of Urban Development", with address Prolongación Boulevard Praxedis Balboa with Lib. United Nations, in Cd. Victoria, Tamaulipas.


  • Application addressed to Eng. Gilberto Estrella Hernández, Secretary of Urban Development and Environment, with the statement of reasons and accompanying documents to support the proposal of the fractionation project.
  • Simple copy of writings.
  • Simple copy of the articles of incorporation of the company or company in question.
  • Power of attorney as the legal representative of the person concerned and with sufficient power to exercise administrative acts, listen and receive
  • Use of land issued by the Public Works and Urban Development area or the corresponding instance with respect to the corresponding City Council.
  • Feasibility of water and drainage issued by the service operator (COMAPA).
  • Feasibility of electric power by the service operator body (CFE).
  • Civil protection opinion in which it is established that there is no risk in the use of land for housing use.
  • Budget of all the rights that for the authorization of the fractionation must be covered and of investment for urbanization works.
  • Copy of the plane of Level Curves, thus Georeferenced plane linked to the national geodesic network, with its table of georeferenced areas and coordinates (digital file of the plane), and its location in Google.
  • Copy of the proposed level plan, including bank of level, the final projection slopes indicating with arrow its direction and slope in each road, as well as indicating chains to each 20 m. with its final elevations of flush
  • Two copies of the proposed lotification plan, which will include:

picture of total areas.

box of apples with partial additions per apple.

apple sorting including your apple and batch number.

in each batch include lot dimensions (surface, front and bottom), as well as the type batch.

total of housing lots.

total of commercial lots.

total of donation lots.

total of regular lots.

total of irregular lots.

cutting sections of projected roads, including access.

name of streets.

affectations in case of presenting including its surface.

identify the donation area by means of the legend corresponding to the area in question, in its corresponding area put "green area" or "equipment area" with its contained surface.

the location or location of the property with respect to the area in question (in proportion to the signature area chart)

stamp box and space for signatures with the names of the corresponding city council authorities.

leave space for the seal of the urban planning and geographic information system of urban development (approximately 18 cm x 13 cm.)

  • Electronic file of the lotification project, georeferenced plan, including level contour plan, final level plan, pavement road structure and signaling.
  • Copy of the access plan, in case of having a special access for the vehicular incorporation to the trace of urban mobility of the sector, and that for its case requires the geometric project of the access.
  • Road impact study of the sector.
  • Hydrological study.
  • Study of soil mechanics.
  • Environment Effect investigation
  • Letter from the agency that demands the affectation in its case, where the motives and rights of way acquired are exposed to determine its origin and limits.
  • Payment of the corresponding fees for the issuance of the Urban Impact Report pursuant to Art. 82 Fracc. I of the Treasury Law of the Government of the State, which stipulates the equivalent to 100 times the daily value of the Unit of Measurement and Update.


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