Authorization for Sites of Final Disposal of Special Management Waste


MANDATORY procedure performed by natural or legal persons who have considered activities of operation of sites of final disposal of waste, including relevant information regarding technical specifications of waste management, volumes, origin, characteristics, control measures, equipment for their management and carrying out support studies to protect the environment of their environment.


Ministry of Urban Development and Environment / Management Directorate for Environmental Protection.

Kind of Procedure Classification Impact
Obligation Ecology, Legal Individuals and / or morals.
town hall Address
Victoria Government Center for Bicentennial Park Offices, Prolongación Praxedis Balboa and Libramiento Naciones Unidas, CP 87083, Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas. Single Window of the Undersecretariat of the Environment. Low level.
Contact Information
Area Telephone fax E-mail
Management Directorate for Environmental Protection / Legal Department. 834 3188000 / 834 3188700

EXT technical area. 42728

Legal area and EXT notifications. 42743

User Cost Requirements
State competition companies. They are established according to article 75 fractions II numeral 4 of the Law of Finance for the State of Tamaulipas

Authorization for the management and operation of waste disposal sites for special handling waste: 201 times the daily value of the Measurement and Update Unit in force in the capital of the State of Tamaulipas. Equivalent to $ 16,201.00

All the documents required in this procedure must be presented in original and copy for comparison in the Single Window of the Undersecretary of the Environment.

1.- Present a free document requesting the procedure that is to be addressed to the Secretary of Urban Development and the Environment (with the signature of the Legal Representative).


2.-Submit Application Form for Authorization for Sites of Final Disposal of Special Management Waste


  1. Electronic backup of all the documents required for the procedure, as the case may be.


4.- Legal documentation:

-Legal instrument that proves the constitution of the company (constitutive act).

- Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC),

- Proof of address of the business,

- Accreditation and Identification of the Legal Representative,

- Accreditation and Identification of the Service Provider and / or Technical Manager, signed by both parties and accompanied by two witnesses, with autograph signatures.


- In the case of physical persons in addition to the specified one, the documentation of:

- Official identification of the individual owner of the company.


5.- Legal Instrument with which proves the ownership of the property, which must be duly notarized.


  1. Contingency assistance program endorsed by State Civil Protection and / or Insurance that covers reparation for civil liability and environmental restoration of the property.


7.- Land Use of the property where the activity will take place.


8.- Resolution on Environmental Impact Matter, in original and copy for comparison in Single Window, and payment pass of the environmental impact resolution with its respective ticket duly settled (Original and copy for collation) / or electronic invoice.

Payment Methods:

Proof to obtain:


Means of presentation:

Physically through the one-stop shop located on the ground floor of the governmental bicentennial park office center with address in Praxedis Balboa and Libramiento Naciones Unidas in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.


Application form.doc

Response time:

60 working days


Of 8: 30 15 to: 30 hours


The validity, will depend on the useful life of the project and / or authorized by the Authority.

Addressed to:

Individuals and / or morals.

Legal Basis:

Articles 134, 135, 137, 138, 139, 141 of the General Law of Ecological Equilibrium and Protection of the Environment; Articles 9, fractions III and VI, 95, 96, fractions IV and VI of the General Law for the Prevention and Integral Management of Residues; Article 1 fraction II, 120 fractions VI, XIII, XVII, XXIII, XXIV, XXV and XXVI, 125, 126, 127, 128, 129, 133, 134, 135, 136, 138, 139, 140, 143, 144 paragraph 1 and 3, 145, 146, 147, 148 of the Code for the Sustainable Development of the State of Tamaulipas;


1.- Submit the application for the Authorization for Sites of Final Disposition of Special Management Waste by means of a free writing, indicating any means of electronic communication (mail) so that their notifications are made according to Article 49 fraction II of the Law of Administrative Procedure of the State of Tamaulipas., As well as the person (s) authorized to hear and receive notifications.

2.- The application form must be presented with the required documents and delivered in three-ring plastic folder.

3.- All the technical and legal documentation must be presented in an original and a copy for comparison in the single window, and the documents issued by the promoter must contain an autographed signature of the person who in his intention presents them as his own.

4.- The quality of the documents in the electronic should be in true color (scanning of originals), at 200 ppp minimum, JPG or PDF format. Presentation on CD or USB.

5.- In the event that the ownership of the property is not property of the company and / or the latter must submit a document (lease agreement, transfer of rights, loan agreement) duly certified before a Notary Public, in such a way that the consent of the owner is protected, so that on the property the requested authorization is granted, also said document must contain a clause detailing, location, surface and activity that it intends to carry.

6.- If there is any doubt about the hazardous characteristics of the waste, it must be subjected to the identification procedure through CRETI analysis (Corrosive, Reactive, Explosive, Toxic, Flammable) or CRETIB analysis (Corrosive, Reactive, Explosive, Toxic, environmentally and Biologically Infectious) according to the residue, in accordance with NOM-052-SEMARNAT 2005.


It must comply with the legal formalities required by the Legal Subdirectorate of this Secretariat.

In case the person appearing is the legal representative of the company:

- Copy of valid official identification (IFE or INE, passport or driver's license);

- In case the person appearing is another person:

- Simple, recent and original power of attorney signed by the legal representative of the company, 2 witnesses and from whom it appears;

- Copy of valid official identification (IFE or INE, passport or driver's license) of the legal representative of the company;

- Copy of valid official identification (IFE or INE, passport or driver's license) of the one who appears;

- Copy of valid official identification (IFE or INE, passport or driver's license) of the 2 witnesses; Y

- For both cases, if the legal representative is different from the one found in the files of this secretariat, it is necessary to attach a copy of the public deed containing the minutes of the meeting where the change is recorded.

-Payment of tax rights in original and copy or electronic invoice for comparison in Single Window.

Resolution Criteria:

The Undersecretariat will prevent the applicant, if there are faults or omissions in the requirements or in the information, which can be corrected in the granted terms, in case it does not present this information the procedure will be rejected.

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