• The Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca fulfills its commitment to citizenship, helps improve the urban image, mobility and connectivity

Ciudad Victoria.- As a result of the implementation of the Plan Unidos por Tamaulipas, the recovery of public spaces in our capital amounts to 33 thousand 875.97 square meters in the 25 period from March to 8 in June of this year favoring mobility and connectivity for the benefit of citizenship.

The above represents an advance of the 114 percent which exceeds the initial goal, which was 29 thousand 630 square meters.

The above mentioned Gilberto Estrella Hernández, Secretary of Urban Development and Environment of the State Government, to publicize the achievements that have been achieved in the recovery of public spaces in the neighborhoods and subdivisions.

The activities carried out help to improve the urban image, mobility, connectivity and well-being of the population in the places where the Temporary Employment Program is being worked, where the neighbors themselves participate in the rescue of public spaces, said the state official .

He noted that as part of the reconstruction of the social fabric, last March Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca the United Plan for Tamaulipas started in this capital, which is part of the first stage of the state programs that are being implemented, and 13 municipalities in the state are being developed simultaneously.

Within this integral strategy that contributes to welfare and to restore order, peace and the rule of law, the public spaces that the Government of the State is recovering through these actions are ridges, soccer fields and green areas that were enclosed, full of garbage, unusable tires, rubble and weeds, informed the secretary Estrella Hernández.

This work is very important in the reconstruction of the social fabric because where the workers of Plan Unidos by Tamaulipas have intervened, they have found that these places were abandoned for 30 or 40 years, hence the importance of rescuing these public spaces , said the head of SEDUMA in Tamaulipas.

Some of the colonies that have benefited from the Public Spaces Recovery Program for the benefit of citizenship are the following: Calamaco Valley, Student Colony, Americo Villarreal, Industrial Fractionation, López Mateos Extension and Teocaltiche, Colonia Francisco I Madero, Colonia Altas Cumbres and Amalia G de Castillo Ledon, among others, informed the state official.

Addressing the needs of the Tamaulipas and Tamaulipas is one of the Governor's commitments at the beginning of this administration, responding to enthusiastic men and women who require an income for the benefit of their families; Based on this, another of the benefits is to promote employment through the Plan Unidos por Tamaulipas, he concluded.

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