• Regional species are planted in El Refugio Park to restore the affectations after the fire suffered, after walking a lap in the circuit.

World days have been established to make visible a problem or raise awareness about something, for that reason the State Government through the Secretariat of Urban Development and Environment, began the celebration of World Environment Day with an active walking event with reforestation actions in El Refugio Park.

The objective is to motivate the physical activation in the population and at the same time create an environmental conscience reforesting this park to restore the area damaged after the forest fire that recently suffered.

The head of SEDUMA Gilberto Estrella Hernández, issued a message to the participants to thank them for their assistance and to highlight the importance of taking actions in favor of the environment such as reforestation that reduce air pollution.

Accompanied by the Secretary of Health Gloria Molina Gamboa, the head of the Executive Unit of the Secretary of Education, Mario Leal Rodríguez and other guests, Estrella Hernández cut the ribbon that gave rise to the walk in the circuit of the park after which They moved to the reforestation area to execute the plantations.

The Tamaulipas DIF System contributed to this event with the donation of part of the plants used for regional species such as ebony, palm, red cedar, ficus emerald, oak, anacahuita and framboyán.

Approximately 200 trees were planted in El Refugio State Park and other 450 were given to the participants who adopted them to reforest their gardens of their homes and areas of the colonies they inhabit, fully meeting the objectives of the event.

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