• Government of the State conscientizes the population about the causes and consequences of climate change and issues in favor of sustainable development

Ciudad Victoria.- In announcing the progress of the Plan Unidos por Tamaulipas, the Secretary of Urban Development and Environment, Gilberto Estrella Hernández, reported that a total of 13 thousand 857 students, teachers and parents benefited from the state program of environmental education taught in schools, to raise awareness among the population about the causes and consequences of climate change and other issues in favor of sustainable development.

During the talks given at the schools, topics related to the care and conservation of natural resources, the biodiversity of flora and fauna in the state, the importance of efficient use of water, energy and the integral management of waste were discussed, explained the official. state.

The Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca The United Plan for Tamaulipas launched last March's 22, implementing this comprehensive strategy in 13 municipalities in the first stage, to re-establish the social fabric, he said.

He then reported on the progress made in the 13 municipalities included in the Plan Unidos por Tamaulipas, in relation to the state environmental education program:

In the municipality of González 733 benefited people, which represents an advance of 74 percent.

Regarding the municipality of Mante, environmental education talks benefited 998 people by advancing by an 46 percent.

In relation to the municipality of Matamoros, the number of students that benefited from the environmental education workshop-courses added 827, registering an advance of 10 percent.

While in the municipality of Miguel Alemán one thousand 307 students benefited, representing an advance of 91 percent.

As regards the municipality of Rio Bravo, 694 benefited from the different levels of education, achieving an advance of 17 percent.

According to the statistics, in San Fernando 793 students benefited, which represents an advance of the 55 percent.

The number of students benefited in the municipality of Valle Hermoso amounted to 658, which reflects an advance of the 57 percent

In Cd. Victoria, the number of students benefiting from the environmental education program amounts to 4 thousand 676, to date an advance of 163 per cent is observed.

Regarding the municipality of Reynosa, with the environmental education program to date, 3 thousand 241 students have been benefited, which reflects an advance of 46 per cent.

The percentage advance is based on the goals that were established in each of the municipalities within the Plan Unidos por Tamaulipas.

This state environmental education program will also be implemented in the municipalities of Tampico, Madero, Altamira and Nuevo Laredo, in order to raise awareness and sensitize participants about the importance of environmental care and conservation, commented the head of SEDUMA in Tamaulipas .

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