• The Ministry of Urban Development and Environment joins the Public Security Secretariat to increase the protection measures of resources in the State's Protected Natural Areas.

Ciudad Victoria, Tam.- In the framework of the celebration of World Environment Day, the Secretariat of Urban Development and Environment signed a Coordination Agreement with the Ministry of Public Security of the State of Tamaulipas for the care and conservation of the natural resources in protected natural areas.

One of the main indications of the Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, is to work all the dependencies in transversality and join efforts with the citizenship, this agreement is about that, add the effort on the part of the government to provide security in the Protected Natural Areas, so that the citizens also become aware that these are of all but we have to preserve them and preserve them in order to enjoy them, said Gilberto Estrella Hernández, head of SEDUMA.

He recalled the damage recently caused in the El Elefante Stone located in the Ejido San José in the Biosphere of El Cielo, which has been restored and to avoid these situations it was reached the signing of this collaboration agreement between the dependencies of the State Government .

"If we want to enjoy our ecosystems we have to take care of them as citizens first, we must see the government action reflected but we need to also be aware and see what we can all do," he said.

For his part, the Assistant Secretary for the Environment, Sergio Arturo González Miranda, in the explanatory memorandum, stressed that this issue of care for protected natural areas is a priority in the state of Tamaulipas, following the strategy of the Governor of the State.

The heads of SEDUMA and the Secretary of Public Safety, Gilberto Estrella Hernández and Vice Admiral Augusto Cruz Morales, accompanied by members of the State Cabinet as Cecilia Del Alto, Gloria Molina Gamboa, Maria de Lourdes Arteaga Reyna, Secretaries of Public Works, Health and Finance respectively; the Dispatch Manager of the Secretary of Social Welfare Rómulo Garza Martínez, the Assistant Secretary of the Environment Sergio Arturo González Miranda and the Local Deputy Humberto Rangel Vallejo.

With this agreement is established from the date greater security and surveillance in Natural Protected Areas of Gómez Farías and Ciudad Victoria as the Biosphere El Cielo, Altas Cumbres and El Refugio Park, with what is expected to obtain positive results.

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