• The planet is crying out to take care of nature: Mario Leal Rodríguez

Ciudad Victoria.- After the recent World Environment Celebration "No Air Pollution" organized by the State Government, the head of the Executive Unit of the Secretary of Education of Tamaulipas, Mario Andrés de Jesús Leal Rodríguez, described the reforestation carried out in the El Refugio State Park through the event called "5K of the Environment Walk and Reforest".

In coordination with SEDUMA and with the support of the State DIF System presided by Mariana Gómez de García Cabeza de Vaca, the species of trees that were reforested in the Protected Natural Area (ANP), were ebony, red cedar, palm, oaks, ficus emerald anacahuita and framboyán.

Students from various educational institutions, environmentalists, environmentalists, authorities and citizens who are in favor of protecting the environment and reforestation participated in this activity.

"I believe that this type of events that SEDUMA is heading make people aware that we should have an environment and take care of it, reforest areas that have been damaged by ourselves and well, that this is increasingly known as a citizen movement, as a movement not only in the schools but also inside the houses, "said the head of the SET Executive Unit.

Leal Rodríguez emphasized that "we must all be aware, since the world (the planet) is crying out to us to take care of nature, to take care of the environment".

At the invitation of the Secretary of Urban Development and Environment Gilberto Estrella Hernández, Leal Rodríguez, Health Secretary Gloria Molina Gamboa and several participants made the cut of the opening ribbon of the 5K of the Environment Walk and Reforest "No Air Pollution" in congruence with the United Nations Organization (UN).

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