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During the government of the independent Mexico the 21 of November of 1831, the Tribunal of the Protomedicato was suppressed and granted to the recently created Faculty of Medical the authority to watch the exercise of the medicine and the public health. Later during the year of 1846 was created the Superior Council of Health, dependent of the Ministry of the Interior, later in 1894 comes into force the first Health Code and for the year of 1899 the Law of Private Beneficence for the Federal District and Federal Territories .

At the end of the Revolution, the Constituent Congress establishes in its article 73 fraction XVI 1ª the General Health Council. And the Law of Secretaries of State creates the Department of Public Health (DO 31 XII 1917).

The 30 of June of 1937 reforms the Law of Secretaries of State giving origin to the Department of Social Assistance for Children.

The 16 of October of 1943 the Secretariat merges with the Department to constitute the Secretariat of Health and Assistance.

The Law of Secretariats and Departments of 1947 grants to the Ministry of Health and Assistance powers to organize, administer, direct and control the provision of health services, assistance and public benefit.

In 1977, based on the Organic Law of the Federal Public Administration, the Health Sector was established, understood as the administrative grouping of parastatal entities under the coordination of the Ministry of Health and Assistance.

The 7 of February of 1984 was published in the Official Gazette of the Federation, the General Health Law that defines the nature and composition of the National Health System and with the reform of the Organic Law of the Federal Public Administration of the 21 of January of 1985 the Ministry of Health and Assistance changes its name to the Ministry of Health, a name that is still valid today.

The 20 of August of 1996, the Federal Executive, the Governors of the States and the Secretary General of the National Union of Workers of the Ministry of Health, signed the National Agreement for the Decentralization of Health Services, from which the signature was derived with each of the states of a Coordination Agreement for the Comprehensive Decentralization of Health Services.

By virtue of the above, the 22 of January of 1997, published in the Official Newspaper No. 7, was created the OPD Health Services of Tamaulipas, decree that was abrogated in the transitory article 4 ° of the Organic Law of the Public Administration of the State of Tamaulipas, of the 3 of February of 1999.


Ensure universal access to comprehensive health services, high quality that meet the needs and expectations of the population, in health promotion, disease prevention, medical care, public health, safety and social protection, control of health risks, development of health professionals, active participation of the population to develop healthy environments and behaviors, with equitable financing, efficient, honest and transparent use of resources.


Tamaulipas will be a population entity with high life expectancy and health level, with an integrated health system, financed mainly with public resources, sustainable, with a priority preventive care model, anticipatory and equitable, with medical attention services and resolution. highly specialized, with intersectoral participation and with full leadership of the Ministry of Health.

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