Hospital Materno Infantil Reynosa

Description of the Unit Hospital Materno Infantil Reynosa
Address Carret. Reynosa-Monterrey Km.203 Col. Campestre, Reynosa, Tam.
Phone (899) 921 25 31 (899) 921 25 30 CLUES TSSSA018070
Director Dr. Gabriel Rosado Triay Phone (899) 927 91 76
Vice principal Dr. Nery Ernestina Hernández Galván Phone
E mail
Population 249,772
Specialty or Subspecialty Consultation Clinics
-Grey-obstetrics surgery
-Internal Medicine
-Traumatology and orthopedics
-Pediatric Surgery
- Estomatology (Dental)
-Social work
-Family planning
- Obesity clinic
- Popular Insurance Orientation
-Training and Orientation to Pregnant Women (Psychology)
-Early stimulation
-Detection of chronic degenerative diseases
-Detective Detection of Uterine Cervical Cancer
-Internado of Undergraduate
-Medical Residencies
Hours of Services
Shift Days
Consult General Medicine 24 hrs 365 days of the year
Surgery Consultation Morning and Evening Monday to Friday
Psychology Consultation Morning Monday to Saturday
Stomatology Consultation Morning and Evening Monday to Friday
Nutritionist Consultation Morning Monday to Friday
Emergency Consultation 24 hrs 365 days of the year
Consultation of Pediatrics morning Monday to Friday
Internal Medicine Consultation morning Monday to Friday
Epidemiology morning Monday to Friday
Traumatology Consultation evening Monday to Friday
Consultation of Pediatric Surgery morning Wednesday
Consultation of Endocrinology Morning Friday
Gynecological consultation Morning and Evening Monday to Friday
Family Planning Consultation Morning From Tuesday to Friday
Laboratory  Days
BHQS Profile of Lipids. PFHE Cardiac E. SÉRICOS, Gpo and Rh, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium ,. EGO, Hepatic Profile. Toxémic Profile, Rheumatic Profile, HIV VDRL. Febrile Reactions, Prolactin, Gram Stain, Pregnancy Test, TP and TPT, Postprandial Glucose, fresh amiba, SOH, coprologic, P. TIR, Hemoglobin Glycosylated, Reticulosites, Hepatitis B and C, Proteins in urine, HGC, Hormonal Profile , Coombs direct and indirect. 365 days of the year
Radiology Days
Analogical Mirograph
General Purpose Fluoroscopy System.
Portable X-Ray Equipment
Diagnostic Ultrasound
Morning shift
Monday to Friday
365 days of the year

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