General Tampico Hospital

Description of the Unit General Tampico Hospital
Mexican Army # 1403 Col. Allende, Tampico, Tam.
(833) 217 98 42 (833) 2138909 CLUES TSSSA002431
Phone (+833) 454 2970
Vice principal
Phone (+833) 454 2970
E mail
Specialty or Subspecialty Consultation
- Bucodentomaxilar Surgery
-General Surgery
Endoscopic surgery
-Oncologic surgery
-Intensive therapy
-Trauma and Orthopedics
-Diabetes clinic
-Hypertension clinic
-Clinica de Mama
- Tuberculosis clinic
-Clinic of Nutrition
-Clinical Illness Terminals (Hospice)
-Speciality Pediatrics
-Internal Medicine Specialty
-Anesthesiology Specialty
-Genecology specialty
Procedures and Studies
-Broncoscopy-Spine surgery
-Heart surgery
-Pediatric General Surgery
-Laparoscopic surgery
Gynecological Surgery
Urological surgery
-Ophthalmic Surgery
- Otorhinolaryngologic Surgery
-Traumatologic Surgery and Arthroscopy
-Peritoneal dialysis
-Esofago-gastro endoscopy
-Hemodynamic Studies
-Gastro duodenoesdoscopy
-Non-parenteral nutrition
-Allergological tests
-Rectosigmoidoscopy-Corneal Transplant
-Kidney transplant
-Conventional laboratory
- Bone marrow studies
-Radiology Simple
-Radiology contrasted
-Evoked potentials
Opening times
-Consulta General Medicine Monday to Friday
-Consult of Psychology Monday to Friday
- Nutritionist Consultation Monday to Friday
- Emergency call 365 days of the year
-Consult of Pediatrics Monday to Friday
- ENT consultation Monday to Friday
-Dental consultation NA
- Urology consultation Monday to Friday
- Dysplasias consultation Monday to Friday
- Dermatology consultation Monday to Friday
-Consult of Psychiatry NA
-Pathology 365 days of the year
-Consult of Internal Medicine Monday to Friday
-Consiology consulting Monday to Friday
-Epidemiology Monday to Friday
-Consult of Ophthalmology Monday to Friday
- Traumatology consulting Monday to Friday
Laboratory Opening times
BHQS Profile of Lipids. PFHE Cardiac 365 days of the year
E. SÉRICOS, Gpo and Rh, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium ,. EGO Crops. Spermogram, Coproculture, Hepatic Profile. Toxémic Profile, 365 days of the year
Profile Rheumatic, hepatitis B antigens and prostate antigen, HIV VDRL. Febrile Reactions, Antidoping Gasometries, Prolactin, Prenuptial Exams, Cerebrospinal Fluid, Gram Stain, Baar 365 days of the year
Radiology Opening times
Computed axial tomography
Digital Graph Masto
Sist. Of general purpose fluoroscopy.
Portable X-Ray Equipment
Diagnostic Uther
365 days of the year
Morning shift
Monday to Friday

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