San Fernando General Hospital

Description of the Unit General Hospital of San Fernando
Address Victoria-Matamoros Road Km 173. San Fernando Tam.
Phone (841) 844 0495 (841) 8440158 CLUES TSSSA002192
Director Phone (841) 8440494
Vice principal  
E mail
Population 69,597 CONAPO 2013 projection
Specialty Consultation Procedures Procedures
-General Surgery
-Internal Medicine
-Gynecology and Obstetrics
-Neontal and auditory neck
-Urgency Procedures
Oral and IV -Hydratation
- Minor surgery
-Extraction Bodies ext.
-Gastric Washing
- IM and IV applications
-Vendaje and Immobilizations
-Reducciones Qx
-Conventional laboratory
-Radiology Simple
-Ultrasonography (Emergencies)
-General Surgery
-Attention of Gyneco-Obstetrics
-Internal Medicine
-Traumatology and orthopedics
-Attention of deliveries and cesareans
- Febriles clinic
Service Turn Days
Consult General Medicine No.
Emergency Consultation The 24 hours 365 days of the year
Consultation of Pediatrics Morning Monday to Friday and Saturdays
Gynecology consultation Morning and Evening Monday to Friday and Saturdays
Consult Internal Medicine Morning and evening Monday to Friday and Saturdays
Surgery Consultation Morning and Evening Monday to Friday and Saturdays
Dental consultation Saturdays and Sundays
Traumatology Consultation MatutinoVespertino Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Monday and Wednesday
Hematic Biometry Lipid profile
QS Coproparacitocospicos Seriado
Serum Electrolytes Amiba in fresh
PFH Cardiac Enzymes
Febrile reaction HIV tests
Simple studies of Radiology Ultrasound

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