State Center of Blood Transfusion

The availability of blood is a matter of public order and of national interest because it is an irreplaceable and necessary good, whose only source of obtaining is the human being and that must be used in conditions of equity, reason and humanity in access.

The voluntary nature of blood donation comes from the limited source of obtaining: healthy people. With this, the aim is to reduce the risk of transmission of infections by transfusion, making it possible to guarantee the availability and opportunity in the delivery of the service and that is what constitutes its basic pillar.

The State Blood Transfusion Center, invites you to know its services of collection and donation of human blood for therapeutic purposes, through an altruistic donation program, the State Center of Blood Transfusion fulfills a social and humanitarian work in the Secretariat of Health in Tamaulipas for the benefit of the citizens.

Like all medical activity, there is legal regulation in transfusion medicine:

  • Political Constitution of the United Mexican States.
  • General law of health.
  • Regulation of the General Health Law in matters of sanitary control of the disposition of organs, tissues and corpses of human beings.
  • Regulation of the General Health Law regarding the provision of health care services.
  • Official Mexican Standard NOM-253-SSA1-2012, for the disposal of human blood and its components for therapeutic purposes.
  • Official Mexican Standard NOM-004-SSA3-2012, of the clinical file.

There are 8 bleeding stations located in the general hospitals that are listed below:

  • General Hospital of Mante.
  • General Hospital of Tampico.
  • General Hospital of Nuevo Laredo.
  • General Hospital of Reynosa.
  • General Hospital of Matamoros.
  • General Hospital of Altamira.
  • Maternal and Child Hospital Reynosa.
  • Civil Hospital Madero.

Where the extraction of units of whole blood takes place.

Which are sent for processing as well as for the realization of serological screening and immuno hematology studies.

Once processed, the blood units are distributed to hospitals according to their needs.

There is an apheresis service at the State Blood Bank and at the Children's Hospital of Tamaulipas.

Serological screening and immuno hematology studies are performed.

The blood is processed in order to obtain:

  • Concentrate of erythrocytes.
  • Concentrate of Pediatric Erythrocytes.
  • Concentrate of washed erythrocytes.
  • Platelet Concentrate
  • Plaquetpheresis.
  • Fresh Frozen Plasma.
  • Cryoprecipitate

Voluntary and altruistic blood donation.

6 Bleeding posts located in general hospitals as well as in the State Blood Bank.

Reception area for foreign units.

Processing area of ​​the unit and the samples.

Area of ​​conservation of blood (refrigeration and freezing).

Distribution area of ​​units.

In the first phase, general hospitals are attended; in a second stage the civil, integral hospitals will be added.
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State Center of Blood Transfusion
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