• 10 de julio de 2019
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Reynosa free of outbreaks or epidemics after contingency due to rain: Health

CITY VICTORIA, Tamaulipas .- The Secretary of Health, Gloria Molina Gamboa said today that inter-institutional coordination, the preparation and immediate attention of the Intervention Plan "United by Tamaulipas" has allowed mitigate damage and reduce the likelihood of outbreaks or epidemics after the rains of the past 24 of June in Reynosa.

He specified that after the contingency, the Government of Tamaulipas used its response capacity and deployed personnel, equipment and necessary supplies that to date have managed to protect the health of 433 thousand 600 people.

The SST brigades have worked in 42 affected colonies with actions of medical attention, application of vaccines, fumigation, control of sanitary risks, educational sessions and health promotion talks.

According to the protocol, surveillance and monitoring systems were activated to identify areas of risk, prevention and care for damages caused by communicable diseases, emerging diseases (those recently identified that cause outbreaks) or reemerging (known ones that had already been controlled and that reappear with risk of epidemic).

"As a result of the work started by our governor, there are no health risks or diseases of epidemiological interest," he said.

Molina Gamboa led a new route of supervision and follow-up to the program activities of the Unidos por Tamaulipas plan, attended to citizen demands in the area of ​​health, found medical attention and measures for the prevention of vector-borne diseases.

Accompanied the jurisdictional brigade that visits the migrant population shelter daily to grant medical consultations and carry out epidemiological surveillance measures.

Finally, Molina Gamboa added that the main reasons for consultation in affected sectors are acute respiratory infections, diarrheal diseases, dermatosis, high blood pressure, conjunctivitis, as well as the monitoring of 335 pregnant women.

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