• 01 de julio de 2019
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The Government of Tamaulipas promotes self-care of health in patients with diabetes

SOTO LA MARINA, Tamaulipas .- After noting that the government of Tamaulipas has specialists and programs to meet, improve and prolong the quality of life of children and adolescents with diabetes, the Secretary of Health, Gloria Molina Gamboa called for strengthening the self-care of the health and self-control of the disease.

He stressed that Summer Camp XXII, for patients with type 1 diabetes that took place in the town of La Pesca, Soto la Marina, over the weekend, marked the beginning of the first phase of a comprehensive care and monitoring project to patients who are treated at the Children's Hospital of Tamaulipas (HIT).

To date Tamaulipas has a registry of 162 people, of which 85 are patients of this hospital who receive their insulin-based treatment.

She pointed out that the support of the Tamaulipas DIF System presided by Mrs. Mariana Gómez de García Cabeza de Vaca It has been essential for the delivery of 70 glucometers and their supplies that benefited an equal number of patients with type 1 diabetes.

He reiterated that the training of responsible patients through self-care of their health, will allow a good development, increase productivity in their daily lives and reach an adult life without complications.

During the three days of the camp, talks and lectures were given, as well as recreational activities, a volleyball tournament, beach soccer, and a moonlight by children from the House of Culture of this community.

He stressed that the State Government maintains training for health personnel, has supplies, medicines and comprehensive medical care to patients and their families.

Besides having in Tamaulipas with 14 Pediatric Endocrinologists, 8 of which work in the Ministry of Health and have active the project of electronic patient registration in which 162 have been detected people with diabetes type 1, for the follow-up of cases .

This summer camp was organized in a coordinated manner between the State Government, the State DIF, the Ministry of the Navy, the Diavivir Association, the Fishing Naval Sector, the Technological University of the Sea and the City Council of Soto la Marina.

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