Supervises Health actions of the Contingency Response Plan in Reynosa

REYNOSA, Tamaulipas .- To continue with the action lines of the Health Response Plan activated by the State Government and address the contingency generated by the rains in Reynosa, the Secretary of Health, Gloria Molina Gamboa supervised the work aimed at ensuring care medical, neutralize health risks and prevent diseases subject to epidemiological surveillance.

At the head of a team composed of almost 300 elements among vaccinators, promoters, epidemiology personnel, vectors, COEPRIS and the Tam program, the state official toured affected areas, verified the progress in the repair of damages to the health infrastructure, In addition to checking the care offered in the shelters.

He announced the start of a schedule of activities to work 8 large sectors of Reynosa from Thursday to Sunday and correspond to colonies with greater impact such as the Pedro J. Méndez, Paseo de las Flores, Independence, Lucio Blanco, Villa Esmeralda, Delicias Extension, Villas of Imaq and the Jewel.

Molina Gamboa said that it is planned to fumigate 750 hectares per day, perform larval control in one thousand 500 daily housing, as well as the elimination of mosquito breeding sites of dengue, Zika and chikungunya in the 57 colonies with flood problems.

"With these actions we will protect the health of more than 63 thousand people by preventing, treating or eradicating outbreaks or epidemics," he said.

The Health Response Plan includes the care of 100 percent of the demand for medical attention, timely detection of patients carrying diseases subject to epidemiological surveillance, identification of risk areas, larval and vector control.

In addition to ensuring the quality of water and food, keep the population informed to promote self-care of health and participation in the prevention of diseases.

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